Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Executive Team
The members of your executive team are:

Name: Sam Deary

Position: Program Director

Bio: Sam is currently a Senior Communication- Mass Media major with a minor in Criminal Justice. He has had a passion for music and radio since he was young and through WJMU and Millikin University he has been able to host his own shows playing his favorite songs from artists ranging from AWOLNATION to Bruce Springsteen to Pearl Jam. This is truly something Sam loves doing and hopes to continue doing after graduating from Millikin and WJMU.


Name: Mallory Wiedenkeller

Position: Promotion Director

Bio: Mallory is a senior Communication-Mass Media major. She is involved at WJMU and hosts The Drive on Mondays from 4-6 pm. She is also a member of the Millikin University Percussion Ensembles, and is principal of the 3 o'clock Ensemble. As a resident of  Decatur, Mallory is a member of  The Decatur Municipal Band as well as Associate Principal of percussion with the Urbana Pops Orchestra. You can find some of Mallory's freelance writing and production work at

Name: Lexi Nieves

Position: Production Director

Bio:Lexi is a Communication major with a music minor. She is involved with WJMU, University Choir and Blubop on Millikin's campus. Lexi also works at the Cromwell Radio Group in downtown Decatur. Lexi takes great pride in her whistling skills.



Name: Selig Freeman
Position: Music Director

Bio: Selig is Music Director at WJMU and host of Clusterstruck! He is a sophomore Communication major with a "super huge"  interest in music, video games, and various other entertainment. The amount of time he spends listening to music and doing all of those  things might kill a normal man.  A true self-sacrificial hero, Selig Freeman does what no one has to do, or cares about doing, FOR you.  He also likes to consider himself an amateur voice actor and writes and directs a webcomic of his own. 


Name: Eric Shafer

Position: Sports Director

Bio:Eric is a junior Communication major at Millikin and his future goal is to be a professional DJ for sports stadiums. Currently, Eric is a professional DJ working for Complete Weddings + Events. He is also an intern for ESPN Radio in Decatur as well as working as a bouncer for Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Eric is actively involved with his fraternity and currently serves as the Vice President. You can hear Eric on air during home football and basketball games. Eric also hosts This Is The Sports Show from 6-8pm on Wednesdays. Eric's favorite sports teams are the Miami Dolphins, Anaheim Ducks, and Minnesota Timberwolves and he loves to talk all sports with anyone at any time. His favorite thing to do in his spare time is watch films and he loves to speed skate when he can find the time.


Name: Peter Fernandez

Position: Creative Coordinator

Bio: Pedro Fernandez is 21 years old and a Communication Major. He originally hails from Panama, born and raised, and serves as the Creative Team Manager at WJMU 89.5. When he isn't in the station, you can find Pedro writing songs, cooking, or with headphones on listening to music.


Name: Taylor Bley

Position: News Coordinator

Bio: I write the news.


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL