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From Our Graduates

The Millikin History Department shares a very close relationship with students.  The faculty cares deeply for the students and wants to help them succeed in every aspect of their lives.  I have spent countless hours in professors’ offices discussing class lectures, research topics, books,and my future goals.  The faculty has been my sounding board and has guided me to achieve success in the classroom and in the professional field.  Through the History Department, I have become a well-rounded individual.I have developed my writing, reading, debating, and critical thinking skills.  Also, I have been exposed to a variety of course topics,interpretations, theories, discussions, and teaching styles.  I have learned to think outside the box and look at the big picture.  I have been able to apply the skills and knowledge from my course work to professional and work experiences.  I have interned at the First Division Museum in Wheaton, Illinois, the Macon County Conservation District, and presented papers at the Conference on Illinois History and the annual meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society.  My experience with the History Department is one that I will carry for the remainder of my life.  It has been nothing but positive.  They helped me grow as a person, a student, and as a citizen of the world.  The faculty of the History Department will continue to have an impact on the lives of students for years to come.

Kara Allison

Class of 2012

Lake Park High School

Roselle, Illinois

As a philosophy student as well as a history student, I find my study of history inevitably intertwined with a search for the absolute.  I have found that Millikin University’ s history department has equipped me with the tools I need to undertake that search, but it has not done the searching for me. The caliber of history courses at Millikin is uncommonly high, and they have consequently forced me to think in new ways and to face difficult questions that I otherwise might not have encountered, even in a philosophy class.  This program is for those who are willing to work, not out of obligation, but out of sheer love for the art of history, in hopes of furthering the knowledge of the field.  The professors offer techniques for dealing with the amounts of information they offer (which, conveniently, are quite large), and the student is responsible for shaping his own view of history and his own future in the process.  Of course, no student is ever alone in his journey, and the department’s professors serve as indispensable guides
along the way.  If you’re ready, so are they. 
-Kyle Fritz, Class of 2007

One of the greatest attributes of the Millikin History Department is that we are so close-knit.  The intimacy of our classes provided a great setting to share ideas and opinions regarding all types of social science. Although Millikin’s History Department is small, I was able to experience an incredible variety of teaching styles, course topics, discussions, and debates.  I was exposed to several aspects of the realm of history that I never thought possible. 
–Mallory Spenser, Class of 2007

My experience with the History Department at Millikin has been nothing but positive.  Every day, every class, and every professor presented challenging questions and problems that made you look at history in a completely different way.  The lessons I have learned have been extraordinary.  Not only that, the history department taught me to be a well-rounded person.  It taught me how to read, write, debate, and most importantly, to think critically.  The experiences I have had will go beyond college and continue to provide answers in my future life. 
–Trevor Huetteman, Class of 2007

My freshman year at Millikin University, someone once asked me why I love history.  At that time in my life I was not necessarily sure. However, my four years in the History Department at Millikin University has taught me to look beyond the dates, names and events and into the true study of history.  The study of theory, ethics and historical facts, and the practice of interpretation, critical thinking and research all collate into a quality education that the Millikin History Department is dedicated to share with its students.  I have no doubt the education I received and the skills I developed will prove to be essential in my studies and career after Millikin. 
--Kate Schnake, Class of 2007

I graduated from Millikin University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish.  I went immediately on to the Ph.D. program at the University of Illinois, where I am now planning to take my doctoral exams and to apply for funding for my advanced dissertation research.  I look back on my years at Millikin with incredible fondness, not for nostalgic reasons,but for the extreme openness and availability of the faculty while I was there and in every year since I graduated.  There really are no words to measure the eight years of support that I have experienced and continue to experience from Millikin’s history faculty. Not only did I never have a question left unanswered, or a research idea with which my professors there did not aid and encourage me (going WELL above and beyond what I have seen from most faculty elsewhere), but I was able to cultivate my early years of higher education in an open and open-minded atmosphere that encouraged my ideas, my creativity, my way of thinking--even while the faculty subtly forced me to refine my skills.  Every time I realize what a murky and confusing place graduate school is, I look back on my years at Millikin and realize that I would not be so successful had it not been for Millikin.  The history program and the faculty in that department took my budding talent in writing and analysis and taught me to express my ideas and conclusions in ways that sometimes impress even my superiors at the University of Illinois. Millikin was the foundation of my entire career in history and writing, and all the years I have taught college level history at University of Illinois have been inspired by and often even modeled on the teaching of Millikin faculty.
-Ellen Tillman, Class of 2002

I originally came to Millikin University to become a part of its renowned music program.  As a freshman music business major, I was unaware that the music program was not the only excellent course of study at Millikin.  My sophomore year, I changed my major to secondary education/social sciences.  At the time, I had no idea what to expect of the history department, but over the past three years I have come to realize that this department is one of Millikin’s greatest treasures.  The department’s faculty is composed of the most knowledgeable and caring professors that I have ever come across in my undergraduate career, and provides a personal education that challenges each and every individual to think and communicate at a higher level.  I am proud to say that because of the skills that this department has given me, I have chosen to continue my education at the graduate level,something I never thought possible before.  The history department’s brilliant and personable faculty members commit themselves to excellence and settle for no less in their students.  This program will challenge any student who chooses to study history, whether as a major field of study or just for fun, to grow both personally and academically.  
-Lauren Vander Pluym, Class of 2007

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL