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French courses
Français 103: Beginning French
Description of the course:  Beginning French 103 is designed for students with no previous instruction in French. In this course, you will learn to use French for meaningful communication. The course will emphasize speaking, listening, reading and writing of the French language and you will learn about francophone cultures throughout the world.

Français 114: Continuing French
Description of the course: Continuation of Beginning French with more advanced practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Study of “francophone” cultures. Regular in-class work with multimedia.
Pre-requisite: French 103 or placement.

Français 223: Intermediate French
Description of the course: The goal of French 233 is to reinforce all structures learned in first-year French and to continue to build on them. Focus will be placed on all aspects of the target language: listening, reading, speaking and writing as well as developing student’s knowledge about French and Francophone cultures: History and cultures from the following regions and countries are covered: France (Paris and La Province), Switzerland, Senegal, Algeria, Haiti, Martinique, Louisiana, and Quebec.
Pre-requisite: French 114 or placement.

Français 301: French conversation
Description of the Course: The objectives of this course are to improve student’s oral communication competencies. Students will learn how to ask questions and make suggestions, how to use important grammatical tenses in order to describe one’s daily routine, home activities and hobbies. We will also learn to describe cartoons in details. Through short movies watching and discussion of various topics, students will develop skills to better understand oral French and will improve their ability to speak the language on their own, to present and argue their point of views.
Pre-requisite: French 223 or placement.

Français 302: French composition
Description of the Course: In this course, you will learn to master writing skills and gain confidence as writer in French. The course will provide a review of stylistic and linguistic notions to help you vary or nuance your writing strategies, enrich your vocabulary and reading techniques, while giving you an insider’s look at the French’s large rhetorical formation.  Readings from authors such as Michel Tournier, Jean-Marie Le Clézio, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus… will serve as model texts to explore various genres and styles (description, portrait, narration, essay, French dissertation…)
Pre-requisite: French 223 or placement.

Français 303 :Topics in Francophone Culture
Description of course: This course “Francophonie et culture transnationale” is an introduction to the cultures of the francophone world. We discuss literature, history, cultural conversation, food, music, habits, dress, local cultures; cosmopolitanism; exoticism and many other topics in order to understand the diversity of the French-speaking world (Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb and the Middle-East, South-East Asia, the Pacific, the Caribbean, and North America). Students are expected to write extensive papers as well as to do presentations on specific topics of the francophone cultures.
Pre-requisite: French 223 or placement.

Français 360 : French for Business
Description of course: In this course gives to students a better understanding of Business in France and in Francophone countries. The students learn to communicate in French in a scientific and professional context through grammar, vocabulary, presentations, the use of newspapers, translation, write letters of application, and videos. They learn to write their CVs and apply for jobs, to prepare for interviews in French and be knowledgeable of France economic, political challenges in the context of globalization.
 Pre-requisite: French 223 or placement.

Français 360: French & Francophone Cinema
Description of the course: In this course, students familiarize themselves with the basic terminology of film analysis in order to understand the diversity of the French-speaking world. In this course we study movies such as: La grande illusion by Jean Renoir (France), La Haine by Mathieu Kassowitz (France), Coco avant Chanel by Anne Fontaine (France), Caché by Michael Haneke (France), Faat Kine by Ousmane Sembene (Senegal), Afrique, je te plumerai by Jean-Marie Teno (Cameroun), Rue cases nègres by Euzhan Palcy (Martinique), La Vie heureuse de Léopold  by Gilles Carle (Quebec).
Pre-requisite: French 223 or placement.

French 350: Study abroad in France
Description of the course: The main objective of this study abroad program in France is to give to students a practical cultural and linguistic communicative experience. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their learning skills and discover the two major cities of France (Paris and Lyon) as cross-roads of Francophone cultures. Students are asked to apply their knowledge on studying different aspects of these two French cities: historic, intellectual, cultural, educational, artistic, migrant, transnational, and touristic.
Pre-requisite: French 223 or placement.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL