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Given the rigorous and challenging course work that is required of all students taking a philosophy course, the student who chooses to major in philosophy tends to be the kind of student who is attracted to the “life of the mind.” Hence, it should come as no great surprise that a substantial majority of our graduating majors continue their education in graduate programs of study. What may surprise some is the diverse range of programs of study into which our graduates enter. (You can see the occupations of all our alums by going to the alumni page.) The explanation for this, however, is not difficult to identify. Philosophical study emphasizes the development of essential skill sets – including critical, analytical, and logical thinking, reading comprehension, clarity of writing, and creative thinking. Because these skill sets are essential to any area of graduate study (or employment), philosophical study provides our graduating majors with a great deal of flexibility. Our graduates put that flexibility to use by pursuing a wide variety of graduate programs of study and/or occupational opportunities.

The following data identifies all of our graduating majors over the last six years, not just those who have entered graduate programs of study. The data shows that 95.3% of our graduated majors are currently enrolled in graduate programs, accepted into graduate programs, or employed. In addition, 71.4% of our graduated majors are in graduate programs of study. The data identifies our graduates, the year of their graduation, and their current placement status.

Recent Graduates in Philosophy (2000-2008)

2008 (4 Seniors):

  • Ali Aliabadi: Ross Medical University (starting January 2009)
  • :
  • Gregg Lagger:  John Marshall Law School
  • Giuliana Selvaggio:

2007 (6 Seniors):

  • Colleen Cunningham: State Coordinator for Missourians to Abolish the Death Penalty
  • Mark Frederickson:
  • Kyle Fritz: Ph.D. program in Philosophy, University of Florida (starting fall 2008); Assistant Editor for Human Kinetics' Scientific, Technical, and Medical Division, Champaign, Illinois
  • Colette Gortowski: teaching at the Wuhan Yucai Primary School in China
  • Nichole Johnson: University of Iowa, College of Law
  • Cole Pezley: performing music, Chicago area

2006 (6 Seniors):

  • Corey Bechtel:  Ph.D. program in Political Science, Purdue University (starting fall 2008); MA program in International Studies (with concentration in International Politics), Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver.
  • Bjorn Bollig:  employed by Presbyterian church; plans to pursue graduate school in theology/religion.
  • Ashley Goodson:  Peace Corp (working in Senegal, West Africa) [check out Ashley's blog:  It takes a village...]; MA in social work, Indiana University.
  • Stephanie Janecke:  Southern Illinois University School of Law.
  • Shaun Miller:  MA program in Philosophy at The University of Houston.
  • Jordan Snow:  employed at CT Corporation, a component of Walters-Kluwer, Springfield. Plans to pursue graduate school or law school in the future.

2005 (6 Seniors):

  • Erika Cornelius:  In 2006, Purdue University, Ph.D. program in History. MA in Political Science, Eastern Illinois University, where she received an Award of Excellence for her thesis, "Unilateral Executive Power: Bush Push or Congressional Cave?"
  • Jessica Revak:  Operations Manager at White Lodging Services; Western Illinois University, MA program in Experimental Psychology.
  • Amanda Russell:  Program Director for Special Initiatives at the University of Iowa Children's Hospital; University of Iowa, Dual MA programs in Health Administration and Public Health where she was recipient of The John and Wendy Boardman/Amenity Foundation Exceeding Expectations Scholarship .
  • Nic McLenighan:  Northern Illinois University, MA program in Philosophy.
  • Zach Godsil:  Web Developer, Archer Daniels Midland, Decatur.
  • Nic Curry:  working on an M.A. in Asian Philosophy at St. John’s College, Santa Fe.

2004 (6 Seniors):

  • Kelli Willis:  Employed (Co-Op in California)
  • Danielle LaSusa:  Temple University, Ph.D. program in Philosophy. Danielle was awarded the 2008 Distinguished Teaching Award from the Awareness of Teaching and Teaching Improvement Center at Temple. She also received a 2006-07 Graduate Associates Award from the Center for the Humanities at Temple.
  • Louis Manetti:  Chicago-Kent Law School. Louis was awarded the first Dolores K. Hanna Trademark Prize. The prize was established last year by the law firm of Bell, Boyd & Lloyd. Awarded at the end of the school year to a Chicago-Kent student based on outstanding performance in an intellectual property course, recipients are selected by intellectual property law Chicago-Kent faculty.
  • Kim Keplar:  employed; fall 2005 accepted in MA program in Philosophy, Colorado State University (did not accept); for fall 2006 applying to MA program in Philosophy, University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Paul Scherschel:  Associate Director of Major Gifts, Millikin University; Program Specialist with the Office of the Speaker in the Illinois House of Representatives, Springfield; State Service Representative/Writer with the Governor's Office of Citizens Assistance, Springfield.
  • Katherine Guin:  Florida State University, Ph.D. program in Philosophy.

2003 (4 Seniors):

  • Jon Bassford:  Ohio Northern University Law School.
  • Meghan Haddad-Null:  Case Western Reserve University, MA/Ph.D program in French.
  • Jason Maynard:  Western Michigan University, MA program in Philosophy (2008).
  • Jace Hoppes:  Employed (Dallas and Company, Champaign, IL)

2002 (2 Seniors):

  • Rob Lininger:  In 2006, University of Illinois, Journalism OR Marquette University, Public Relations and Advertising. University of Illinois, Institute for Labor and Industry Relations, MA in Human Resources and Industrial Relations (2004). Currently employed (Human Resources, University of Illinois).
  • Carrie Malone:  Louisiana State University, Ph.D. program in Psychology.

2001 (1 Senior):

  • Chris Wood:  University of Kansas, Ph.D. program in Philosophy

2000 (2 Seniors):

  • Aaron Margolis:  Washington University School of Law. University of Chicago, M.A. Program in Social Science (2005). Hebrew University of Jerusalem, M.A. in Israeli Politics and Society (2002).
  • Michiko Tani:  Lewis and Clark Law School (Portland, Oregon).
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