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Welcome to Millikin's Astronomy site.

Here, we are committed to exploration, discovery, and examination, both of space and ourselves. The facilities and equipment used for astronomy allow just that. Students are given a vast number of possibilities through training in equipment and procedure, easy access to all equipment, classes designed to meet the needs of student's future plans, and independent studies.

Millikin's Astronomy program does not end there. We have one of the largest publicly accessible telescopes in the area. In the fall and spring of the year, we host public viewing sessions, where all members of the community are welcome to stop by to do some stargazing with the assistance of qualified personnel. We also extend our reach outside of Millikin. Millikin's six 8" telescopes are portable, allowing us to go to dark sites for high-detail.

Come check us out!

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Professional Organizations


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Locations and Facilities


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Software, Hardware, and Maps


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Astro-camera, computer software, and instructions on how to use both

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL