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Political Science Plagiarism Policy

The goal of this policy is for students to correctly cite, paraphrase, and write in their own voice.  Plagiarism is the uncited use of another’s words, ideas, or work.  Self-plagiarism is the use of one’s own work for multiple assignments that has not been approved by faculty.  Consequences of plagiarizing are a zero on the assignment, redoing the assignment for no credit, and a letter is sent to the registrar, dean, and to the student explaining that the student has plagiarized in the course.  When the plagiarism is severe enough on one assignment (i.e. the entire paper) or has occurred multiple times in the single course, consequences are failure in the course indicated by an XF and a letter written to the registrar, dean, and student will be sent.  All written assignments in Political Science will be submitted to and all faculty in Political Science have been trained to use this website.  Any concerns about this policy can be addressed by the chair of the Political Science Department.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL