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Millikin's pre-physical therapy program prepares students for the physical therapy clinical work that they will complete elsewhere. Most clinical programs require that the student earn the bachelor's degree before transferring to a master's degree program in physical or occupational therapy.

Clinical programs that will accept a student after three years of college work still exist at some institutions. These institutions issue a bachelor's degree in physical therapy after two years of clinical work. It is important to check with the clinic at schools under consideration to make sure that they have no plans to switch to the master's degree program.

Most accredited schools of physical therapy require a GPA of 3.5 for admission. These programs are quite competitive and may favor students in the four-year program. Students should complete all University-wide general education requirements at Millikin. The last 33 of the final 45 credits before transfer must be taken at Millikin.

Most students will probably want to follow the four-year plan. For specific course requirements under a three-year or four-year plan, consult the appropriate advising sheet. Specific courses in the natural sciences, behavioral sciences, and mathematics are required.

Students planning to begin clinical work after three years at Millikin must complete a minimum of 92 credits while at Millikin, including 24 credits in the major and 24 credits in upper-division courses. On successful completion of the required course work in the accredited school equivalent to 32 credits, the student earns a B.S. degree from Millikin.

Pre-occupational therapy students follow an academic program similar to the three-year pre-physical therapy program. Students choosing to complete four years at Millikin in preparation for study in occupational therapy complete all of the requirements for the biology major.


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL