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Art (B.A.)
The B.A. degree in Art is designed for the student who may wish to have a well-rounded experience in the visual arts.  Emphasis is on a broadbased educational experience that give the student more flexibility in terms of coursework in the arts.

Art BA Major - 8 semester plan

Studio Art
The B.F.A. degree in studio art is designed to provide the art student with an intensive studio experience in order to prepare students for professional practice as an artist in their chosen areas of focus.   The studio art major may select their area of interest from any of the studio disciplines including painting, printmaking, ceramics, drawing, sculpture, design, and photography.   Students may begin exploring their chosen area at the beginning of the sophomore year.  Studio art majors focus on developing professional studio skills and personal artistic expression within their specific discipline. Emphasis is on the development of a creative body of work with proficiency in at least two distinct areas of study within the art curriculum. They work closely with faculty within each area to produce a body of high quality work either in preparation for attending graduate school or pursuing the establishment of their own art studio.

B.F.A. Studio Art Major - 8 semester plan 

Art Therapy (B.F.A)
This major is offered for students who wish to prepare for a career which uses art as a form of therapy. Successful completion of course requirements in art and psychology will enable the major to apply for positions in psychiatric institutions, hospitals, correctional facilities, and other types of rehabilitation centers; or apply for entrance into select graduate schools to follow a program leading to a master’s degree and certification as an art therapist.

B.F.A. Art Therapy Major - 8 semester plan

Graphic Design/Computer Art (B.F.A)
The graphic design/computer art major is designed to provide students with special skills, experiences, and artistic guidance. These experiences introduce students to the world of visual communications. The program emphasizes commercial and computer graphic design relative to print and electronic media. Emphasis is placed on developing creative concepts, learning techniques, and solving problems that will prepare students for future career opportunities. A special program for seniors provides them with client/designer experiences.  Senior students design all types of collateral marketing and promotional material for various community businesses and organizations to give them solid work experience.  Computer design training will place students at the forefront of technology and prepare them for the future of visual communication.

B.F.A. Graphic Design/Computer Art Major - 8 semester plan

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL