Millikin University - Decatur, IL
B.F.A. Performance Hurdles
2015 Voice and Dance Hurdles: Friday, May 1, 3:00, Albert Taylor Theatre

Acting Hurdle/finals are scheduled Monday, May 11 and Tuesday, May 12

Complete Information for 2015 Performance Hurdles

All students in the performance B.F.A. programs are subject to end-of-the-year evaluations. Since the end of a student's first year is of particular importance, students must re-audition to continue on in their program at this time. Transfer students who have not yet passed the Advanced Scene Study course will also be evaluated to make sure satisfactory progress is being made. These auditions will be held near the end of the term in May.

B.A. students interested in auditioning for the B.F.A. Acting or Musical Theatre programs
may petition to audition through the performance committee. The Petition Form is available and can be submitted to the hurdles coordinator online by the date noted on the Petition Form. The committee will respond to the petitions as quickly as possible.

The Acting "hurdle" for all performance majors
(Acting and Musical Theatre) consists of the performance of a scene done at the end of the second course in the first-year acting sequence (Acting II).

Musical Theatre majors
are also required to learn and perform two songs (up-tempo and ballad), and a dance, which are performed for all of the faculty in the performance area (acting, music, and dance). The dance sequence is taught a few days prior to the hurdle audition.

Possible results
of the hurdle for all students include:

1. Unqualified acceptance
2. Probation, which indicates a qualified acceptance assuming competencies in the specified area(s) will be met within a designated time period. Those on Acting probation re-audition with the final scene in Advanced Scene Study. Those on Vocal and/or Dance probation re-audition at hurdles the following year.
3. Denial and redirection to another Theatre major


Musical Theatre students also perform prescribed material for Private Voice juries at the end of each semester.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL