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Woodwind Chamber Ensembles. (MO183) Laurie Glencross. 

Ensembles will perform in a variety of venues from resort inns to weekly market days during the 2-3 week residency.  Some teaching opportunities will also be available.  A performance in the final Gala concert and an on-campus wrap-up are the culmination of the course experience. Chamber Ensembles at Millikin are defined by the study and performance of musical works written for smaller instrumental ensembles. Students enrolled are expected to present at least one public performance per semester. 

For more information and permission, contact instructor at lglencross@millikin.edu

Vocal Performance Seminar: Baroque Opera Project (MU 460) Daniel Carberg & Matthew Leese. 

To introduce students to the unique stage style associated with Baroque Opera. Students will study examples of operatic repertoire from the 18th century in-depth and performance masterclasses will focus on stage movement, gesture, style and ornamentation. Repertoire will be chosen in an order to link pieces, and involve staging of more than just the singer in each scene.

For more information, contact instructors at dcarberg@mail.millikin.ed or mleese@millikin.edu

Vocal Pedagogy Practicum (MU 456) Matthew Leese. 

To help the student create their own approach to teaching voice in the private studio and classroom, using skills learned in MU 455, objective materials, observation, experimentation and self-critique by teaching lessons to a small group or to individuals in a supervised environment. The student should leave the course with solid ideas of how to approach beginning and intermediate level students in terms of technique, literature and repertoire.

For more information, contact instructor at mleese@millikin.edu

Baroque Opera History (MH304) Daniel Carberg

This course will begin with the Florentine Camerata  and finish with Gluck, examining the developments of opera in Italy, France, England, and Germany from the late 1500’s through the mid 1700’s.  There will be a combination of readings, lectures, listenings, and watching recorded opera performances.

For more information, contact instructor at dcarberg@millikin.edu

Musical Theater Repertoire 1 (TH339) Kevin Long

An advanced course which explores the songwriting tradition on Broadway and in Hollywood during the first half of the 20th century with emphasis on professional preparation, analysis and technique in a collaborative environment. Performance of material will include songs appropriate for each student’s vocal range. A linked course requiring concurrent enrollment in Theatre 337.  Majors only.

For more information, contact instructor at klong@millikin.edu 

Vocal Pedagogy (MU455) Daniel Carberg

The purpose of the course is to provide an understanding of how the vocal mechanism functions.  This includes a study of vocal anatomy and physiology, as well as acoustical properties.  We will develop a basis for evaluation of the singing voice in preparation for future teaching, as well as assessing one’s own voice.  We will study respiration, phonation, resonance, and registration.  We will also study issues such as vocal health, vocal hygiene, and voice disorders that arise from misuse or abuse of the voice. There will be an exam at the end of each unit, and an observation journal that will be turned in at the end the immersion. 

For more information, contact instructor at dcarberg@millikin.edu

Special Topic in Music Analysis (MT404) Laurie Glencross

Detailed structural analysis of music drawn from a specific repertoire, genre, or compositional style. Possible topics might include but are not limited to the following: counterpoint, Bach cantatas, cyclicism, polyphony, the Classical sonata, song cycles of the 19th and 20th centuries, piano music of Brahms, Expressionism, or Impressionism.. Pre-requisites: Music Theory 212.

For more information, contact instructor at lglencross@millikin.edu    

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL