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Guitar Studies
The study of guitar is a pursuit, which must assume an extremely high priority in the mind of any student who undertakes it. Competence on the guitar can be achieved only by dedicated and persevering study, sustained by a sincere commitment to the instrument. Every guitar student should have an overwhelming drive to continuously learn about the instrument and its music. This program of study is a carefully arranged progression of experiences, which are designed to develop the student’s musical and technical potential. Private lessons and master classes, along with guitar ensemble performance, recital attendance, listening assignments and many other musical experiences offered at Millikin all contribute to the student’s education.

Every student of the guitar must accept the necessary responsibilities if the goal and satisfaction of successful performance is to be achieved. In addition, Staley Library has considerable holdings of guitar music, methods, records, texts, CDs, videos and periodicals to help in attaining this goal. It is imperative that students take an active interest in the history, education and performance technique of the guitar. The successful student will use these resources, to become knowledgeable about the past as well as what is happening currently in the guitar’s many professions.

Finally, each student is expected to practice scales, finger exercises, arpeggios and technical studies every day. Guitar students must acquire technical proficiency in order to perform the music. The more advanced the technique the more one is able to deal with the finer subtleties of musical expression. Similarly, in order to improve music reading skills, students should check out music from the library and sight-read every day. Practice makes perfect but only if practice is perfect.

Manley Mallard
Coordinator of Guitar Studies

Manley Mallard received the Master of Music Education degree from Kent State University and the Master of Music in Jazz Studies from Webster University in St. Louis. Professor Mallard has been on the faculty at Millikin since 1987 and teaches classical and jazz guitar, guitar ensembles, Intro to MIDI and Class Guitar. Mr. Mallard is an active arranger and has had numerous guitar ensemble arrangements published with Mel Bay Publications Inc., Les Éditions Doberman-Yppan, Plucked String, Inc., ClearNote Publications, and Guitar Chamber Music Press.

In 1991 he initiated and hosted the first Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival, which is still active today. Recently, he gave a presentation on arranging for guitar ensemble at the 1999 Guitar Foundation of America Conference. As a soloist and chamber musician, Mr. Mallard has performed on two National Public Radio broadcasts on WILL-FM. He recently completed a recording with colleague Joseph Mayes (Rowan University) of Johan Kaspar Mertz's Duetten for two guitars. That CD was also released in the spring of 2000. For more information visit

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL