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LiveText Connection

LiveText Connection to Candidate Assessment (CA) Data Reports

Within the School of Education LiveText account, data reports of student performance in connection with state and national standards are viewable.

Included in each Candidate Assessment or Program Assessment report are:

  1. The directions for completing the Candidate Assessment
  2. The rubric used to evaluate the Candidate Assessment
  3. A summary of scores or ratings given for each line of the rubric
  4. A bar graph for the ratings that illustrates the percentage of ratings given for each level of performance

Each semester's reports are disaggregated when applicable, to show results for PACE students, traditional students, and all students' scores.
(Not all courses are offered every semester, and not all courses are offered in both PACE and traditional format each semester.)

Accessing LiveText Reports from the Exhibit Center

To see reports in the Exhibit Center, access and in the Visitor's Pass box, type your access code. (You will receive your code)
When our administrative LiveText account opens, there will be two tabs at the top.
Click on the Exhibit Center tab to view the reports of each Candidate Assessment.

Each report may be opened for viewing by clicking on the report title.
Each report includes a link for the assignment description, a link for the rubric, and the report of data in the form of bar graph and summary.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL