Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Conceptual Framework

A conceptual framework establishes a shared vision for an education unit’s efforts in preparing educators to work effectively in P-12 schools. It provides direction for programs, courses, teaching, candidate performance, scholarship, service, and unit accountability. The conceptual framework is knowledge-based, articulate, shared, coherent, consistent with the unit and/or institutional mission, and continuously evaluated.

Precondition 4 is divided into five elements, which we have listed below and will respond to within our Conceptual Framework as a means of organization and as a way of  explaining the conceptual framework that guides our offering of approved programs in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education; the Secondary areas of Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, and Social Sciences; the Special (K-12) areas of Art, Music, and Physical Education; and a School Service Personnel program leading to the School Nurse endorsement.

  • 4.1 The vision and mission of the institution and unit
  • 4.2 The Unit’s philosophy, purposes, and outcomes
  • 4.3 Knowledge Bases – including theories, research, “wisdom of practice,” and educational policies, which describe and support the philosophy, purposes and professional commitments and dispositions valued by the education unit.
  • 4.4 Candidate proficiencies, aligned with professional, state and institutional standards, that guide the School of Education at Millikin University
  • 4.5 Description of the system by which candidates’ proficiencies are regularly assessed


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL