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c. Scholarship

5c. Modeling Best Professional Practices in Scholarship

1. What type of scholarly work are expected as part of the institution’s and the unit’s mission?

The scholarly work that is expected must be peer-reviewed. Examples of scholarly work are:

  • Poster sessions, paper presentations & workshops at professional meetings
  • Articles published in journals
  • Editor of book or author of book chapter
  • Author of book
  • Author of grant
  • Published book review
  • Discipline-specific products, such as CAI, curricular programs, or oral interpretations.

2. In what types of scholarship activities are faculty engaged? How is their scholarship related to teaching and learning? What percentage of the unit’s faculty is engaged in scholarship?

The faculty at Millikin are expected to be a “community of scholars,” and thus pursue active production of scholarship (Policy and Procedures: Faculty). Scholarship is considered a measure of excellent faculty and is necessary to stay current in one’s field. Faculty are required to attain a competent rating of scholarship for tenure, but an excellent rating can help make the case for promotion from associate to full professor. The School of Education Unit Plan also highlights the importance of scholarship. Unit members are expected to exemplify the four themes by being “teacher-learners,” which is done in part by making scholarship contributions.

Although members of the School of Education carry a full teaching load of 12 credit hours each semester as determined by the university, they are active in scholarship. As another indicator of scholarship, the faculty have also presented at a number of conferences (e.g. NCTM, ATE, ACI). Full faculty vitae indicate the level of scholarship produced.

In considering the level of scholarship, it is important to note that the unit is quite young.  As of June 2008, the mean number of service years in the unit (since 2003) for full-time faculty members is 2.9 years. Sixty percent of the full-time faculty members just finished their first, second, or third years as a member of the unit.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL