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Plan of Study

This page is designed as a resource for your plan of study. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Apply to the School of Education

Application for Admission to the School of Education


See the Illinois Certification Testing System website for test dates and registration details.

Student Teaching

Other Evaluation Forms

Transfer to Millikin University

Millikin University holds the following articulation agreements with other schools:


The School of Education offers three options for internships, including weekly, semester-long internships (ED 170), intensive 5-day internships during university break (ED 172) or immersion internships at the Chicago Center for Urban Life & Culture (ED 172), which includes the area’s cultural experience.

Students interested in these hands-on experiences should also see the
Immersion site.


Directions for Submitting Your CA or PA

To submit a Candidate Assessment or Program Assessment required for your course, follow these directions:

1. Open your livetext account. (If you see an announcement from the LiveText company, read it and click 'continue' or 'click here to not show this again'.)
2. Your course that has a required CA or PA will be on the main screen of your account (which is called the Dashboard). Within that course, look for the title of your CA, which names your CA by a number and the word 'official'. Under that assignment title, click on the sentence 'For assignment details and templates click here'
3. Within the document that opens, click 'use this template' one time.
4. When that template opens, scroll to the very bottom to the 'Your Work' section and click the 'edit' button inside that white box on the right.
5. A form that looks a bit like the Microsoft Word toolbar will appear, go to the bottom of that short page and see the option to Insert File Attachment - click 'edit' next to that option.
6. Once that opens, click on 'Upload New File'.
7. Click 'browse' and find your assignment document in your computer hard drive or flashdrive documents and attach it.
8. When upload reads 'complete', click 'Upload File'.
9. Click 'Save and Finish' to the right side of the screen.
10. You'll now be looking at the assignment description again. Click 'Submit Assignment' which is highlighted in pinkish-red.
11. On the next screen, click on the circle in front of CA or PA you are submitting to verify that is the one you want to submit to.
12. Finally, click 'Submit Assignment' again (this time it is highlighted green) as final verification of what you want to do.

Your Candidate Assessment or Program Assessment will then be submitted!

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL