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The Gender Studies minor allows students to explore issues of gender in a larger, more comprehensive context. By allowing students to take courses from a variety of disciplines, students are able to see the relationship among seemingly disparate areas of knowledge. The minor consists of 21 credits, approved by a committee, and taken over the student’s tenure at Millikin University. These courses can be drawn from all schools, divisions and departments of the University.

The following courses are some of the options acceptable for inclusion into this minor:
Communication 332, Gendered Communication
English 220, Literary Topics: Major Women Writers
History 250/350, Women in Power
Political Science 335, Gender and Law
Sociology 351, The Family
Theatre 334, Seminar: Feminist Dramatic Literature

In addition, several courses offered through the JMS honors program have been accepted for the minor and allow selected non-JMS students to take these courses:
Interdisciplinary 186, Social Science Honors Seminars: Communication About Sexuality, Partnership, or Women in the Workplace

Finally, specific departments may offer special courses examining these issues, either under topic courses, such as Political Science 360, Topics in Political Science: Women and Politics, or by increasing gender-related material in existing courses. A committee has been constituted to evaluate courses proposed for inclusion in the minor.

These courses will count toward the Gender Studies Minor under the following conditions:

1) they are not being used to fulfill a student’s major
2) they are not being used to fulfill the University’s IN requirement or any other sequential requirement.

In other words, these courses are not eligible for double dipping.
Professors: Dr. Linda Collinsworth & Dr. Purna Banergee

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL