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Faculty Development Workshop Best Paper Award Criteria and Procedure

The Faculty Development Workshop Committee announces the 2012 Best Paper Award competition. The Faculty Development Workshop on March 3, 2012 will consist of presentations and workshops on teaching, research, and scholarship, mostly from previous award-winning faculty members.  In addition, to encourage members of the Millikin community to make contributions to their field through research, the Faculty Development Workshop Committee grants one the Best Paper Award to a research paper of superior quality and will make the announcement at the end of the conference. The recipient of this award receives a certificate, $750 toward professional development, and automatic membership on the 2013 MIFC committee.


To be eligible for the award, Millikin faculty should submit a paper to the Committee by February 1, 2012. The papers may range from unsubmitted manuscripts to published papers, but need to have been written or completed within the thirteen months prior to this year’s conference, i.e., January 2011 – January 2012.  E-mail papers to Dr. Larry Troy at by February 1, 2012.


The FDW committee uses rigorous criteria and may seek help from relevant departmental colleagues with the evaluation of the papers and the final selection for the award.  The Best Paper Award requires superior quality in scholarship and writing as well as clarity to a multi-disciplinary audience. The following rubric applies:


Superior Quality of Scholarship (45 points):

(1) The scholarship explores new territories, reevaluates or reconceptualizes
      the known, or offers new translations, creative visions, performances, 
      interpretations, understanding, and pedagogies (25 points)

(2) The scholarship demonstrates rigor as recognized by peers or discipline
      (20 points)


Superior Quality of Writing (35 points):
        (1) The writing makes logical, coherent, and well-supported points  
              (20 points)
(2) The writing has clear and concise style (15 points)


Clarity to a Multi-Disciplinary Audience (20 points):
        (1) The paper considers the background knowledge, interests, and
              expectations of  audiences across multiple disciplines (10 points)
(2) The paper helps the multi-disciplinary audience understand its 
              contribution to the field (10 points)


Timeline for the Procedure:

1. Deadline for the Best Paper Award paper submissions: February 1, 2012


2. Portfolios of submissions will be reviewed between February 2 and 25, 2012


3. Chair of FDW Committee will make the name of the recipient of the award
    known to Vice President Barry Pearson by February 26, 2012


4. The award will be presented at the Faculty Development Workshop on 
    March 3, 2012

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL