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Costs and Savings
If you receive credit through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), you will most certainly save time and money. First, you don't have to pay course tuition and fees if you receive credit for the course. At $417 per college credit in the PACE Program, this could save you over $1250 per course! Second, you save time because you will not need to spend time in the classroom and doing homework.

Portfolio Costs

Course fees
You choose the course format that works best for you, picking either:

IN 170: Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice (3 credits) - $417 per credit*
Developing Your Own Portfolio for College Credit - $379*

*Cost includes the first portfolio assessment.

Portfolio assessment fees:
Portfolio assessment of up to twelve (12) credits within a single discipline - $250*
*One portfolio assessment is included in the cost of the portfolio development course.

Standardized Exams and American Council of Education (ACE) Credit Costs
Refer to the appropriate testing website for test fees or the ACE website for their transcript fees.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL