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Organizational Leadership Curriculum
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 1. OL 300 Principles of Adult Learning
 2. CO 242 Business and Professional Communication
 3. OL 340 Introduction to Finance and Budget in Organizations
 4. OL 310 Group and Team Dynamics
 5. OL 240 Technology and Data Analysis in Organzational Decision Making
 6. OL 344 Organizational Leadership
 7. OL 350 Leadership Ethics
 8. CO 343 Communication and Conflict
 9. OL 301 Organizational Development through Human Resources
10. OL 306 Organizational Behavior
11. OL 375 Organizational Creativity, Innovation, and High Performance
12. OL 385 Leadership, Diversity and Multiculturalism
13. OL 400 Project Management
14. OL 450 Organizational Leadership Capstone


OL 300 - Principles of Adult Learning
OL 300 is designed to assist students in their re-entry into higher education and to provide them with the tools, skills, strategies and sense of familiarity with campus systems (including technologies and library systems) they need to be successful. The course serves, therefore, as a gateway to the major course sequence in Organizational Leadership, and will increase students’ self-confidence and motivate them to go forward. Students will be introduced to adult learning theory to help them learn how to be learners. The course stresses essay writing, APA citation style, and basic research methodologies within the context of adult learning theory.

CO 242 - Business and Professional Communication
The focus of this course is on developing a working knowledge of the theory and skills for interpersonal communication, groups and teams, informative and persuasive presentations, and the use of communication technologies in business and professional presentations.

OL 340 - Introduction to Finance and Budget in Organizations
This course is an introduction to the financial systems, financial documents, and financial reporting that any mid-level organizational leader will need to understand. Students learn to create, use, and interpret financial statements and to use accounting information to make informed business decisions.

OL 310 - Group and Team Dynamics
A hands-on course designed to prepare students for the world of teams. Focus is to develop students' understanding of team dynamics including team development, member roles, leadership, norm development, role of conflict and diversity in teams, delegation of authority, and team management.

OL 240 - Technology and Data Analysis in Organizational Decision Making
We live and work in a digital era. Nothing we do avoids the influence of technology. This is especially true for organizational leaders in a global marketplace. This course will provide an overview of the functions and development of computer-based management information systems and will emphasize the use of information technologies in supporting organizational decision-making.

OL 344 - Organizational Leadership
Leadership is perhaps the most enigmatic term in the organizational theory literature. No other facet of organizational behavior has received as much attention. Leadership has been studied and analyzed from many perspectives – sociology, psychology, business, history, and education - and there now exists a myriad of leadership theories. This course examines leadership from theoretical, historical, and practical perspectives and will provide an overview of leadership theory. Topics will include the influence of leaders, leadership traits and characteristics, democratic v. authoritarian leadership, issues of power, and organizational culture. Emphasis is on emotionally intelligent leadership, transformational leadership, social responsibility, ethics, and leadership in a global environment.

OL 350 - Leadership Ethics
This course takes organizational leadership a step further and focuses on the ethical considerations inherent in leading and following others. It is designed to encourage socially responsible leadership and to foster understanding of how to lead competently and professionally, and to prepare students to recognize and address responsibly the ethical dilemmas which they will face in any leadership position. The course also emphasizes consideration of global issues in terms of social responsibility for leaders.

CO 343 - Communication and Conflict
Introduces students to effective strategies for addressing conflict and mediating disputes. Participants analyze the ways they handle conflict and investigate theoretical approaches to conflict mediation.

OL 301 - Organizational Development through Human Resources
Effective leaders recognize that people are an organization’s most valuable resource. At the same time, a major misconception within many organizations is that human resource development is the sole responsibility of the HR Department or the Personnel Office. Leaders at all levels have responsibility for human resource development. This course is designed to provide an overview of human resources development. Topics may include recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, performance evaluation, health and safety, and labor relations.

OL 306 - Organizational Behavior
Understanding and maximizing the performance of organizational members is critical to leadership. Leaders and other organizational members must learn to facilitate effective work relationships and contribute to a supportive organizational culture. Borrowing from a variety of disciplines, including behavioral science and behavioral psychology, this course examines the complex relationships among individuals, groups, organizations and society, and emphasizes motivation, communication, leadership and group relations.

OL 375 - Organizational Creativity, Innovation, and High Performance
What does it take for an organization to thrive in today’s highly competitive, rapidly changing and dynamic global economy? Research on organizations that operate in this environment shows that high levels of creativity and innovation are key factors in those that are the most successful. This course offers its participants the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to encourage creativity and innovation at different levels of an organization: at the individual level, within teams, and at the level of an organization’ systems and processes. Participants will also examine the critical roles played by organizational culture and leadership in fostering an organization’s competitive edge.

OL 385 - Leadership, Diversity, and Multiculturalism
This course will explore diversity and multiculturalism in today’s organizations. The course will highlight in particular issues of race, social class, gender, and age in the workplace, and will address why leaders should foster multicultural environments. Emphasis will also be on learning to value differences, and best practices for creating diverse organizations.

OL 400 - Project Management
Taking the lead on a project and seeing it through from start to finish is a highly desirable skill in today’s organizations. Project management might be re-designing a corporate training program or might be as extensive as leading an organization through major technological renovations. This course enables students to apply their knowledge of organizational systems, leadership, communication, negotiation and team-building as they demonstrate their abilities to successfully lead (or create a comprehensive plan to lead) a work project. This course is designed to showcase the students’ practical application of their course work in a real-world setting.

OL 450 - Organizational Leadership Capstone
The capstone builds on each student’s understanding of leadership, organizational culture, ethics and social responsibility, and combines and integrates elements of the major course sequence into a culminating experience. Students will demonstrate, through a comprehensive final project that is reflective, that they have mastered the concepts and theories taught to them through their courses in the organizational leadership major.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL