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PACE Accounting FAQs
What is the PACE Accounting Program?
It is the Tabor School of Business Acccounting Program offered in the evenings for working adults.
How long are the classes?

Classes meet one night per week per class, for a total of ten weeks.

Where are the classes located?

Classes can meet anywhere on campus but most will meet in ADM-Scovill Hall. How many classes do I take at a time?Students are encouraged to take two classes at a time to finish in two years.

When does the program start and how long is it?

The Accounting program is a 10-week, year round program. Most students begin the program in January or July, but some may be able to enroll sooner.

How much does the program cost?


PACE classes are offered at a discount. The classes are three credits and each credit is $385, so one course equals $1155.

Is financial aid available, if so, how do I find out if I am qualified?

Yes, to find out if you are qualified you can file a FAFSA form (available on-line for faster service).

What types of payment options are available?

Students who are at least half time (taking 6 credits per semester) will be eligible for low-interest government loans. You access these through the FAFSA form. For information on other student aid, please contact our Student Services center at 217.424.6317.

How do I get an application for admission?
Students should apply online.  The application is available at:

What is the first step in enrolling in the program?
You may contact either the PACE office or Dr. Michael Brown  217.424.6381—either can help you with Accounting information.

Whom should I contact when I have a question?
You can contact Millikin’s PACE office at 217.420.6778 or go on-line at .

Are there any prerequisites for the program?
The ideal candidate might have earned an associate degree in accounitng fomr a community college, however, we are able to assist all students who have an interest in an accounting degree.

Is the program considered full time? Can I attend part-time?
If you enroll for one class per ten-week term, you will be considered part-time. If you enroll for two courses per ten-week period, you will be considered full-time.

What GPA do I need for the program?
If a student wishes to be part of the Tabor School of Business and take the upper level courses in the program, he/she must meet the required minimum GPA of 2.5.

How long does it take to complete the program?
If you transfer in an associate’s degree (with 66 credit hours completed), you should be able to complete this Accounting major in two years while keeping your full-time job.

Do all classes transfer from my previous degree?
Most courses will count as either electives, general education courses, or major courses. Our Registrar will do an evaluation of your transfer work once you have filed out an application.  The PACE Faculty Coordimator will be able to advise you accordingly. 

Besides my tuition and books, what expenses will I incur?
There is a Materials and Technology fee of $125 per semester.

Is there graduate work available at Millikin University?
Yes, MU has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. If you have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in enrolling, please contact Dr. Anthony Liberatore at 217.424.6338.


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL