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Annual Honors Awards

Millikin Honors Convocation Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award

The Millikin University Honors Convocation, whichs takes place each year in mid-to-late April, honors the very best students and faculty members at Millikin University on an annual basis.

Each year, the Millikin faculty vote to select one of their own as the Distinguished Faculty Lecturer. This honored faculty member delivers the keynote address at our Honors Convocation.

Faculty who have held the Millikin Distinguished Faculty Lecturer Award include:
2009 Robert Money
2008 Ray Boehmer
2007 Ralph Czerwinski
2006 Rick Bibb
2005 Clarence Josefson
2004 Denise Myers
2003 JoEllen Jacobs
2002 Debra Slayton
2001 Larry Troy
2000 Shelly Cordulack
1999 James Rauff
1998 Brian Mihm
1997 Ed Yonan
1996 Homer Smith
1995 Darlene Hoffman
1994 Richard Pacholski
1993 Richard Ferry
1992 Mildred Boaz
1991 Henry Gromoll
1990 Gorden Forbes
1989 Daniel Guillory
1988 Robert McIntire
1987 William Bodamer
1986 Ron Shelton
1985 Arvid Adell
1984 David H. Marshall
1983 Graham Provan

Millikin Teaching Excellence and Leadership Award

Formerly underwritten by the Sears-Roebuck Foundation, the Millikin Teaching Excellence and Leadership Award is now funded by the University and carries a small stipend for the awardee. The University has retained the Sears Foundation's guidelines which state, "A faculty member should be selected who has made a distinctive difference in such areas as classroom teaching, campus leadership, pioneering teaching methodology, creative course development, or instructional support."

The winner of the award becomes the keynote speaker for opening freshman convocation each year.

The award winner is chosen by a selection committee that includes represenatives from the faculty, administration, students and alumni. Recently, the selection committee's representation have included a)three faculty members from the Council on Faculty representing major curricular divisions, b) a senior student chosen by Student Senate from its own membership, c) a recent alumnus/a, chosen by the Alumni Board, and the committee is chaired by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Faculty who have held the Millikin Teaching Excellence and Leadership Award include:
2008 Anne Matthews
2007 Randy Brooks
2006 Ed Acheson
2005 Linda Slagell
2004 Darlene Hoffman
2003 Sharon Alpi
2002 Mary Ellen Poole
2001 Robert McIntire
2000 Barry Pearson
1999 Clarence Josefson
1998 Cheryl Chamblin
1997 James St. James
1996 Catherine Kaha
1995 David Golden
1994 Brian Mihm
1993 Homer Smith
1992 Dave Marshall
1991 Ron Shelton
1990 Bill Williams
1989 Richard Hoffland
1988 Marv Klaven

James Millikin Scholars Educator of the Year Award

Each year, Millikin students who are James Millikin Scholar seniors vote to select their preference for the JMS Educator of the Year. They choose from a list of faculty who have taught courses in the Honors Program over the last three years, during the time that these students spent in the program at Millikin.

They choose the JMS Educator of the Year based upon the criteria of the faculty member who has made the greatest impact upon them as honors scholars, who demonstrated outstanding teaching skills, and who showed a respect and appreciation for student learning both in and out of the classroom.

The JMS Educator of the Year is honored by having his or her name placed on a plaque displayed in the faculty lounge and she or he receives a small gift from the Honors Program.

Faculty who have held the JMS Educator of the Year Award include:
2008 Michael O'Conner
2007 Robert Money
2006 Brian Posler
2005 Marianne Robertson
2004 Denise Myers
2003 James Rauff
2002 Daniel Guillory
2001 Sam Galewsky
2000 Rosemarie King
1999 Clarence Josefson
1998 Linda Schenke-Llano
1997 Cheryl Chamblin
1996 James Dahl

Millikin Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Teacher of the Year

Each spring, Alpha Lambda Delta, the Freshman-Sophomore Scholastic Honorary, names a faculty member as an outstanding contributor to freshman learning. The faculty member is chosen on the basis of the ability to teach, knowledge of subject area, ability to present material in a clear and understandable fashion, ability to motivate students to self-discovery in learning, and for the care and concern shown to students in and out of the classroom. The focus is on teachers who teach several classes at the freshman level.

The current Alpha Lambda Delta active members nominate candidates and participate in the preliminary voting. A special committee of Alpha Lambda Delta makes the final selection.

The Outstanding Teacher is honored by having his or her name placed on a plaque displayed in the faculty lounge, receives a gift from Alpha Lambda Delta, and receives an Honorary Membership into the Scholastic Society. The Outstanding Teacher also addresses the next year's new initiates during their initiation ceremony.

Faculty who have been chosen for the Alpha Lambda Delta Teacher of the Year Award include:
2008 Carmella Briniger
2007 Tina Nicholson
2006 Michael O'Conner
2005 Paul Haspel
2004 Nancy DeJoy
2003 Linda Schinke-Llano
2002 Bonnie Guzenhauser
2001 Robert Money
2000 Eligie Wilson
1999 Millie Boaz
1998 JoEllen Jacobs
1997 Annette Russo
1996 Marianne Robertson
1995 Denise Myers
1994 Clarence Josefson
1993 Ron Shelton
1992 Thersa Shepherd
1991 Brian Mihm
1990 James Rauff
1989 Daniel Guillory
1988 Phillip Tinch
1987 Cheryl Chamblin

Outstanding JMS Project of the Year

Each year, we award one senior with the Outstanding James Millikin Scholars Project Award. Although each and every JMS projects is outstanding in its own way, we seek out the most exceptional projects from each academic year. These projects, nominated by faculty advisors and readers, are noted as being the best of the projects for any particular year. A team of members from the Faculty Honors Committee reads each of the nominated projects, attends the presentations of those nominated and votes for the outstanding JMS project. The winner of this award is presented with a certificate and a check and recognized at the Senior Graduation Dinner.

Students who have been chosen for the Outstanding JMS Project of the Year Award include:

2008 Jamie Devitt, "A Concert of South Asian Dance." Advisor, Professor Lori Bales

2007 Nicole Johnson, "To Thine Own Self Be True, A look at Parfit's theory of self and survival." Advisor, Dr. Robert Money

2006 - Brooke Christensen, "Exploring Contemporary Culture through an Early Theatrical Form: An In-Depth Experience with Commedia dell' Arte." Advisor, Professor Denise Myers

2005 - Angelica Basalmo, "Teatro Traducido: Luna Negra (Translated Theatre: "Black Moon"), Advisors, Professors Lori Bales and David Thompson

2004 - Danielle LaSusa, "Beyond the Frame: Atomism in the Epistemology and Aesthetics of Photography (Thesis) AND From Stone to Stand (Manuscript)." Advisor, Dr. Jo Ellen Jacobs

2003 - Lucas Bills, "A Comparative Study of the Risk Taking Propensities of Entrepreneurs and Managers within Corporations." Advisor, Dr. Sharon Alpi

2002 - Brianna Borger, "Pete: The Poet Who Didn't Know It! -a play for young audiences-, Developing Theatre For Children: "Pete: The Poet Who Didn't Know It." Advisor, Professor Denise Myers

2001 - Molly Hartman, "L'es Excisees: Colles qui ont perdu une partie de la via (The Excised: Those who have lost a part of their life)." Advisor, Dr. Cheryl Toman

2000 - Brian Stolz, "Using DNA To find a Polynomial-Time Solution to the Cubic Subgraph NP-Complete Problem." Advisor, Dr. James Rauff


Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL