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Client Projects

Client Projects take what students learn in the classroom and use it in real life situations with real life businesses and organizations.


Peerless Cleaners: Susan Kruml

Course: Performance Management Course

Project Description: Help Peerless clearly define and measure “world class service” and to develop a system that Peerless can use to identify performance goals in service provider performances.

            “This experience was truly a unique and positive one. It is rare to have the opportunity to take the skills and knowledge you learn in a classroom and use it for a real company, but that is exactly what the Performance Management course provided us. “ Aubri Barnes said.

                  Students took the performance management class goals and applied them into their Peerless Cleaners project and develop a great new system that could be executed.



Zambian Project: Mark Munoz

Course: International Business Consulting

  Business students of the International Business Consulting class met with government officials in Zambia to create an arrangement for microenterprise zone containing business the farmers need to be triumphant.  If their presentation becomes implemented could change the world.

              “ We lived it, I feel very privileged to have had that opportunity to go.” Kelsey Neihiser said.

International business consulting is perfect for students who want to practice working with foreign companies and see how the lessons in the classroom relates to working with companies abroad.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL