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Major Description:
Finance graduates have diverse career choices, exemplified by the careers of our finance graduates in credit management, real estate, international banking, financial advising and consulting, bank examination, loan processing, and insurance underwriting. Career choices are also abundant in the not- for-profit sector, such as education, health care, and government service agencies. Finance careers reflect a love for solving puzzles and strong analytical skills.

The integrative nature of the Tabor School’s Finance Program helps ensure that graduates’ analytical skills will continue to be successfully applied as changes alter the business environment, including recent e-business innovations. Our graduates work for such well-known companies as Caterpillar, State Farm, Prudential, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Anderson Consulting, Mitsubishi, Country Companies, Archer Daniels Midland, UPS, and many others.

Recent Millikin finance graduates have careers with titles as diverse as credit manager, federal bank examiner, compliance officer in banking, customer service representative in banking, consultant for major consulting firms, broker in both stock and futures markets, traffic analyst, financial analyst, director of materials management, financial adviser, grain merchandiser, river terminal manager, small business owners, and many others. Across industries, numerous CEOs have finance as their background.

Many successful business graduates eventually pursue a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). The finance major provides an ideal background for the MBA or for law school. Those with interests in law school should seriously consider electives in economics as well. The finance degree provides the flexibility needed for those who seek employment immediately after graduation, but also prepares those who wish to do graduate study.

Major Requirements:
In addition to the business core courses, students will be required to complete 21 semester hours of upper level finance and business courses

Required Courses:
FI301 – Financial Institutions
FI352 – Investments
FI361 – Financial Statement Analysis
FI365 – Corporate Finance
FI452 – Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

And a choice of two of the following:
AC301 – Intermediate Accounting
EC312 – Intermediate Macroeconomics
EC322 – Intermediate Microeconomics
EC351 – International Trade and Finance
FI471/472 – Finance Internship
FI481 – Special Topics in Finance
FI491/492 – Independent Study in Finance
ET350 – New Venture Creation
ET 400 – Entrepreneurship – Small Business Consulting
Or other upper-level courses as determined by the student’s areas of interest with the approval of the advisor.

Finance Curriculum

Cheryl Chamblin
Tatiana Isakovski
Anthony F. Liberatore

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL