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Management, B.S. Management is primarily concerned with the effective utilization of resources (including human resources) within a business organization, centering around the areas of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Attention is focused on the organization as a social system and the forces that affect this system, such as behavior of individuals and groups, economic conditions, and technology. The Management degree concentrates on the human side of the organization, highlighting the effects of interpersonal and inter-organizational interactions on organizational functions. Recent research is combined with practical skills to prepare students for broad managerial and executive responsibilities.

Management Minor
A minor in management is available to students majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Professional Studies or the College of Fine Arts. It is not available to those majoring in the Tabor School of Business. See Tabor School admission requirements for more information.


Required Courses: Economics 100, Principles of Macroeconomics Accounting 230, Principles of Financial Accounting
Accounting 240, Introduction to Accounting II or Accounting 311, Management Accounting Management 300, Principles of Management
Marketing 300, Marketing Principles and Practices
Finance 340, Business Finance
Management 330, International Business, OR
Management 370, Production/Operations Management

Three credits of Tabor School electives above the 300 level.

Minors in Management are encouraged but not required to elect Economics 110, Principles of Microeconomics; Information Technology 120, Introduction to Computers and Information Systems; Mathematics 120 and Mathematics 220, Elementary Probability and Statistics and Statistical Methods; and CO242 Business Communications.

Management Minor Curriculum

Evening Management Major
We offer our Management degree in an accelerated evening format in Millikin's Professional Comprehensive Education (PACE) program.

Evening Management Curriculum

The PACE website has more information including enrollment and advising info.  Click here to go to the PACE website.

How does a Millikin Management degree prepare me for success?

The Management major is designed to provide a well-rounded business education and to allow students flexibility to pursue their own areas of interest. Emphasis is placed on the understanding of business principles, tools, and concepts, and their application to developing solutions to business and organizational problems. A business management degree qualifies individuals for entry-level positions in general management, including but not limited to retail management, tourism and hospitality management, production/operations management, and human resources management. Students graduating with this degree will have the minimum skills necessary to successfully begin and operate an entrepreneurial venture or successfully function in an entry-level managerial position in a large organization.

Learning Objectives:

The student leraning objectives for the Management major are as follows:

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethics, social responsibility, and the legal environment of contemporary business.

2. Understand the importance of the global business environment and its inter-connection with core management processes, systems, and structures.

3. Demonstrate an understanding of human resource management and its impact on organizational culture, change, and diversity.

4. Understand the use of quantitative skills to facilitate management decision-making and/or problem-solving.

5. Apply management theories and concepts in real-world organizations and situations.

6. Understand the dimensions of the entrepreneurial behaviors of innovation, creativity, and risk taking.

Where can a degree in Management take you?

Millikin's Management majors have found professional employment at businesses such as Archer Daniels Midland, Ameren IP, Busey Bank, Caterpillar Inc., Chicago Stock Exchange, Dell Computer Corp., Edward Jones, Excel Corporation, and Kraft Foods. Majors have also continued their educations at instititions such as DePaul Univerisy, University of Chicago, and University of Illinois.

Required Courses For Major: (21 hours of upper level business and management courses beyond the Tabor core)


MG 321 Acquiring and Building Talent
MG 322 Performance Management
PH 215 Business Ethics

One of the following quantitative component courses:
MG 365 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
MG 375 Project Management

And one of the following courses:

MG 306, Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Change
ET 340, Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Choose one of the following courses:
ET 410 International Business Consulting
MG 430 International Entrepreneurship
MG 481 International Independent Study

Or other approved international travel or experience

Get involved beyond the classroom:

  • Students can serve as business specialists, working with organizations to solve business problems.
  • Student Business Organizations: Millikin Accounting Association, ACM, CEO, Phi Beta Lambda, Tabor Advisory Council.

For students graduating after Spring 2012:

Management Curriculum

For students graduating by Spring 2012:

Management Curriculum

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL