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Entrepreneurship Minor
Entrepreneurship Minor: 

    A minor in entrepreneurship is offered to those who are non-business students who want to learn the fundamental principles to launch and own their own business. To complete the minor, a student must maintain a grade point average of at least a 2.50 in the required Tabor School courses. Students wishing to elect the minor in entrepreneurship must complete the formal minor declaration in the Tabor School.

Becoming a entrepreneurship minor is for you if:
· You want to own a business
· Take ownership of projects within an organization
· Be a self-employed free agent

 As an entrepreneurship minor, you will:
· Recognize opportunities
· Assess risk
· Marshal resources
    While practicing and mastering your craft in your major, you will experience and perform business ownership and operations in Millikin’s student-run ventures or your own business.

    Students in the Entrepreneurship minor will be required to complete 23 semester hours of business and entrepreneurship courses. These classes include:

ET 260- Create and Lead
    Explore personal business creation as a career direction.

EC 120-Principles of Economics
    Solve problems and make decisions through understanding core concepts of economics.

AC 210-Principles of Accounting
    Understand and make decisions based on financial information about your company.

FI 300- Personal Finance
    Learn about personal financial planning, managing your money and credit, insurance, investments, and retirement.

ET 340- Foundations of Entrepreneurship
    Understand the impact of entrepreneurship and the process of venture creation.

MG 300- Principles of Management
    Understand resources and how to make decisions in leading your business.

ET 380- The Art of Entrepreneurship
    Develop a business model and experience ownership through the launch of your own micro-venture.

ET 390- Drive
    Create value, validate your business model, and lead your venture’s growth.

MK 3XX-300 Level Marketing
    Selling, advertising, promotion, and consumer behavior.

Entrepreneurship Curriculum
Ideas Inc. is a workshop series that helps you take your business idea to the next level. Students who participate in the workshops compete in an “elevator pitch” competition for cash prizes at the end of the program.

The HUB is Millikin University’s student business incubator. It provides common space, common resources, and a community for students starting a business. It houses office space for you to use to run and build a thriving business.

The Business Creation Competition is Millikin University’s premiere business plan competition. Individual students or teams who are serious about launching their business compete for cash prizes and seed funding.
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL