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Information Systems
Major Requirements

Requirements For The Major
The major requires a total of 21 credits in addition to the business core requirements.
Students majoring in Information Systems must complete the following courses required for the major:

IS 221, Introductory Programming (3)
IS 321, Systems Analysis and Design (3)
IS 322 Intermediate Programming (3)
IS 331, Networking & Telecommunications (3)
IS 370, Database Application Development (3)

and choose 2 from the following list:
IS 350, Advanced Programming (3)
IS 470, Data Mining for Business Intelligence (3)
IS 471, Information Systems Internship
Information Systems Major

Major Description
The Information Systems program provides the opportunity for students to obtain the skills to be a key player in building information systems to improve the business operations and decision-making of twenty-first century organizations.

Information Systems students learn that in today’s ever changing global business environment, the ability to collect, organize, store, and transform vast amounts of business data into accurate, timely, and understandable information has a significant impact on an organization’s performance.

The Information Systems professional must have a thorough understanding of business principles, technologies, and methodologies to effectively create technological business solutions that address the operational and decision-making needs of organizations.

The Information Systems program is based on a balance of business fundamentals and of skills in the analysis, design, and implementation of information systems. The Information Systems student learns how to effectively lead and/or participate in crossfunctional teams through courses that focus on interpersonal skills including problem solving, team building, and written/verbal communication.

The Information Systems student course of study includes theoretical and practical discussion of information systems, including the design and usage of databases, networking, information security, computer programming fundamentals, knowledge management, and other current topics. The Information Systems student will have opportunities to put classroom theory to practical use through coursebased application problems, internships, and practicums.

It is anticipated that upon graduation Information Systems students will assume positions with titles such as business analyst, system analyst, information systems specialist, programmer analyst, or information systems consultant. As Information Systems graduates gain industry experience, they are likely to assume roles as managers or senior technical staff.

Information Systems Major
Information Systems Minor
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL