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“Being an IS major at Millikin opened my eyes to the evolving world of technology around me. It taught me how to think outside of the box, placed me in real world situations, and prepared me to be competitive upon graduating from the program."

- Jason Chimel, 2010 

Major Overview:

The Information Systems (IS) program provides the opportunity for students to obtain the skills to be a key player in building information systems to improve the business operations and decision-making of twenty-first century organizations. IS students learn that in today’s ever-changing global business environment, the ability to collect, organize, store, analyze, and transform vast amounts of data into accurate, timely, and understandable information has a significant impact on an organization’s performance.

IS refers to the interaction between people, processes, and technology. An information system is not only the technology an organization uses, but also the way in which the organization’s people interact with the technology and the way in which the technology works with the organization’s business processes.

To build skills needed to accomplish this, students are given access to industry-standard resources. Millikin has a dedicated, restricted access IS computer lab, complete with state-of-the-art machines and enterprise-grade software, many of which are available as downloads. Partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and vmware provide students with the tools needed to build skills and become employable (click on the sidebar images to learn more).  

Think of it as being like an architect who works with a client’s wants, needs, and limitations to develop the best environment possible. Check out IS and learn that it is fundamentally about developing trust, building and supporting relationships – and that is something that cannot be outsourced.

Major Requirements:

The major requires a total of 21 credits in addition to the business core requirements. Students majoring in Information Systems must complete the following courses required for the major:

IS 221 - Introductory Programming 
IS 321 - Systems Analysis and Design
IS 331 - Networking & Telecommunications 
IS 370 - Database Application Development

and choose 3 electives from the following list: 
IS 322 - Intermediate Programming
IS 332 - Security Assurance
IS 334 - System Administration
IS 350 - Advanced Programming
IS 375 - Database Administration
IS 470 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence
IS 471 - Information Systems Internship
IS 491 - Seminar in Information Systems
MK 365 - E-marketing

IS Curriculum

IS Application Development -  8 Semester Plan

IS Data Management -  8 Semester Plan

IS Security & Compliance -  8 Semester Plan

RJ Podeschi – Coordinator / Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Edward Weber -

For students enrolled in another major who still have an interest in information systems,
a minor is also available that highlights many of the same features and skills as the major.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL