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International Business Dual Degree Program
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Major Description:
Millikin University International Business majors receive a degree from Millikin University and a degree from ESG, our partner business school in Paris, France. Students will have a double major from the Tabor School at Millikin University.

The International Business Major requires 142 credits, 4 1/2 years and consists of two major components: a functional major and an international experience at ESG in Paris, France. This major is designed to provide students the greatest possible opportunities to successfully embark on an international business career. The Program requires that a student complete requirements for a functional major (Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, or Management). This satisfies industries’ desire for functionally-educated students. In addition, the student develops a strong sense of cultural awareness and flexibility by living in Paris for a semester and taking 15 credits at ESG and then working in France at an international internship after completing their course work. This Program will result in the student being granted a Millikin University degree in both International Business as well as their functional area.

Students completing this program will also receive a business degree from ESG. The Ecole Superieure de Gestion et Commerce International literally translates as International Business with a major in International Relations.

All ESG classes are taught in both English and French. International work experiences or internships are encouraged and supported by ESG. Click here for the ESG website.

Steps to Get Involved in This Program:
1. Agree with Academic Advisor that this is the right plan of action for you.
2. Contact Carmen Aravena, Director of Center for International Education, to fill out appropriate paperwork.
3. Determine appropriate Degree Requirements with Academic Advisor(s) and Advisors from ESG.

Important Note:
Financial Aid from Millikin is not available for the Dual-Degree Program for this time abroad, but financial aid from the Government and outside scholarships can still apply.

Major Requirements:
Tabor School of Business students desiring to major in International Business would follow the present curriculum designed for any of the Tabor School’s majors: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Technology, Management or Marketing.

In addition to the courses required in each major, the student would be required to do the following:
1. Satisfy Track A of the Language/Culture option in the Millikin Program of Student
    Learning. Students placed in the 103,114, or 223 levels must take two courses.
    Those placed at the 300 level or above must take one course. Students may also
    demonstrate proficiency by passing a proficiency exam administered by the
    Department of Modern Language, by study abroad with non-English instruction,
    or by being a native speaker of a non-English language.
2. Take two of the four international-based courses offered in the Tabor School:
    International Trade and Finance, International Human Resource Management,
    International Marketing, or International Business Consulting.
3. Complete the fourth year second semester curriculum at ESG in Paris.
4. Complete the research paper required of all ESG 4th year majors.
5. Complete an international internship with an institution in France, in addition to
    the semester’s course work. ESG has great working relationships with a large
    number of international companies and would both find and supervise the
    students’ internship experience.
6. The program requires 4 1/2 years including the internship in France

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