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Digital Media Marketing
Major Description:
A marketing major prepares a student to enter a dynamic and exciting business field that deals specifically with generation of user satisfaction by providing consumers desired products or services in a timely and convenient manner. Success requires excellent communications skills and a solid analytical background. A marketing graduate is well equipped for a career in management and performance of functions that are among the most vital and interesting in the business arena. Because marketing centers on consumer knowledge and the design and management of strategies necessary to sell products or services to consumers, many of today’s top executives began their business careers in marketing. No area offers a more varied set of career opportunities. Marketing careers are possible in all fields from banking to aerospace, retailing, wholesaling, or manufacturing; for both profit and not-for-profit organizations; and in such areas as sales, research, product design and management or promotion and advertising.

Major Requirements:
The Digital Media Marketing Major consists of 21 credits: a Marketing core (9 credits) and a student-selected Focus of Study (12 credits).

Marketing Core (Required courses):
MK 320 - Marketing Research
MK 308 - Consumer Behavior
MK 442 - Marketing Management

**ET400 Can be substituted for International Dual Degree Majors Only, if no external substitutes can be found or if Marketing Management is unavailable.

Marketing Electives: 6 to 12 Credits from the Marketing department courses.

Interdisciplinary Electives: 0 to 6 credits in courses outside of the Marketing discipline that augment, expand, or facilitate knowledge in the specific “Focus of Study.”

Integrated Marketing
Marketing Information, Analysis and Application
Marketing Management
Selling and Sales Management

The Focus of Study is designed to help students develop an educational and career focus within marketing disciplines. Each represents and supports both traditional areas of concentration and differing directions that career paths often take in the marketing profession.

Digital Media Marketing Curriculum
Digital Media Marketing 8-Semester Plan

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL