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Unit 2: Understanding the Language of Business
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It is the information age. The need for speed in information exchange and the conservation of time in business processes are driving forces for success. The organization, issemination, and use of financial and marketing information both within the organization and among businesses, and their suppliers provide an essential competitive edge for organizations. 


MB 530. Marketing Analysis & Management - Dr. David Gardner
Management Marketing information and strategies are evolving rapidly. The explosion of information being exchanged on the Internet and the real-time connection with suppliers and customers is leading to new methods of marketing products and services. New competitive advantages are emerging in the use of marketing tools and techniques. This course covers essential marketing topics of distribution, place, profit, price, and promotion and expands the investigation into web resources and e-commerce.

MB 540.  Financial Accounting - Dr. Michael Brown
Looks primarily to the internal operations of the firm, measuring performance and monitoring costs for decision making. Focus is on taking apart complex cost structures and the use of this information to make good managerial decisions.

MB 545.  Practicum: Effective Personal Development - Dr. Anthony Liberatore
Managing yourself is a pre-requisite to managing others. This practicum focuses on a manager’s need to set goals, organize and plan activities, and manage commitments effectively.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL