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Unit 3: Market & Financial Information
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Accounting and Finance provide the basic language of business. Operating in any business organization requires an understanding of what is happening in the operation, a knowledge that is predicated on understanding the language of business.

MB 530.  Introduction to Finance - Dr. David Whitford
Financial decisions are crucial to the short-term and long-term economic health of a firm. This course focuses on corporate financial management and how financial decision making affects shareholder wealth.  Topics include financial statement analysis and forecasting, working capital management, the significance of financial ratios, capital budgeting and the resource allocation process, capital structure and the cost of capital, sustainable growth and the ethical responsibility of the firm to its financial stakeholders. 

580. Management -  Prof. Arthur Canning
The lessons of international competition have accelerated the need for finely honed business operating systems. Managing inventories, designing production processes and maintaining quality control, have led to sustained continuous improvement in many businesses. This course examines operation and production and the methods for process management and continuous improvement.

565. Practicum: Team Development - Dr. Anthony Liberatore
In the course of your career, the skills and attitudes you develop lead to positions of greater authority. Moving to supervisory and management roles is aided by an appreciation of how teams operate, how they can be encouraged or stifled and the rules for enhancing their performance.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL