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Unit 4: Leading People, Managing Processes
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Peter Drucker describes the majority of today’s labor force as knowledge workers. Expanding levels of education, training, and income create a labor force much different from our industrial past. The emphasis on participation, balanced lives, and personal fulfillment elevates the role of leadership in organizations. Leading people and managing processes is a central theme of this unit.

570. Leading Organizations - Dr. James Dahl
Leading organizations is a people-centered activity highly influenced by the ethical values of leaders. Managers get the work of the business done through people by setting goals and executing action plans; leaders help motivate people by setting the compass of a business, by creating a vision, setting values, and building bridges to the community, to ideas about the future and to internal stakeholders. This course examines leadership management and its ethical and valued-based foundation.

580. Cases in Strategic Financial Management - Dr. Tatiana Isakovski
The course will use cases each day to develop a deeper understanding of the complex issues involved in strategic issues confronting corporate management. This course would integrate strategy, marketing, economics, accounting and finance. An integrated credit analysis and valuation model in Excel will provide the foundation for the course.

585: Delegation and Motivation - Dr. Anthony Liberatore
Delegation is necessary in building a team. Training, development and feedback are part of the delegation process. This practicum focuses on the stages of delegation and situational leadership.

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL