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Professor Rick Bibb
Professor Jon F "Rick" Bibb, Associate Professor of Marketing, will be retiring after 30 years of teaching at Millikin University. The Tabor School of Business would like to thank Prof. Bibb for all of his hard work and service, and wish him the best.

Dean Jim Dahl
Dr. Jim Dahl, Dean, traveled with Carmen Aravena, Interim Director for the Center for
International Education, to the University of Murcia, Spain, to further Millikin’s new partnership and explore opportunities with their business school.

Dr. Jim Dahl served as a paper reviewer for the Academy of Management 2012 conference.  He reviewed papers in the areas of employee motivation, job attitudes and worker engagement.

Dr. Mark Munoz
Dr. Mark Munoz, Associate Professor of International Management:
  • Awarded the 2012 AGBA Distinguished Scholar Award to be presented during the Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) 9th World Congress on March 19-21 at the Ajman University of Science and Technology Ajman (near Dubai), United Arab Emirates.
  • Spoke at The Midwest Conference on Foreign Investment; he presented on the topic "Asian Investments in the US : Challenges and Opportunities" at the Embassy Suites - St. Louis on Feb 17, 2012
  • Co-authored a paper that was accepted for publication in Management Decision; Welsh, D., Munoz, J. M., Deng, S., & Raven, P. (2012) Microenterprise Performance and Microenterprise Zones (MEZOs) in China. Management Decision.
  • Had papers accepted at various international conferences:
  • Welsh, D.H.B., Munoz, J.M., Chan, S.H., & Raven, P.V. (2012, February). The entrepreneurial orientation of family microenterprises in Malaysia. Proceedings of the Small Business Institute (SBI) Conference, San Antonio, TX.
  •  Munoz, J.M., Welsh, D.H.B., Deng, S., & Raven, P.V. (2012, February). Microenterprise management practices in China: An examination of the viability of national micro-enterprise zones (MEZO). Proceedings of the Small Business Institute (SBI) Conference, San Antonio, TX.
  • Dr. Mark Munoz signed three (3) book contracts in the summer of 2011:
  • The Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business (Edward Elgar Publishing, UK)
  • African American Entrepreneurs: Profiles and Viewpoints (Business Expert Press, New York)
  • Latin American Entrepreneurs: Profiles and Viewpoints (Business Expert Press, New York)


    Dr. Munoz hosted an international business blog event on Friday, Oct 7, 2011. The blog discussion centered on “What can the business and academic communities do to enhance the practice of international business?” Invitations were sent to over 3,000 members of the Academy of International Business worldwide.

  • Dr. Michael Pettus
    Dr. Michael Pettus wrote the 5th edition of a strategic management text, Strategic Management for the Capstone Business Simulation and Analysis Assessment.  He also wrote 12 new cases which are incorporated in the text

    Dr. Pettus had a paper received for publication in Competition Forum Journal, “From Creative Construction though Creative Destruction.” 

    Dr. Susan Kruml
    Dr. Susan Kruml, Associate Professor of Management, was on sabbatical fall of 2011.  Dr. Kruml was studying the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and college student success.

    Dr. Mindy Kushniroff
    Dr. Mindy Kushniroff, Assistant Professor of Accounting, wrote papers for the following publications:
    -The Illinois Accounting Teacher Conference
    -Allied Academies
    Internet Allied Academies
    -The Houston American Accounting Association
    -National at the Denver International Accounting Conference
    -Journal of Business Ethics
    -International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
    -Masters of Business Administration Association

    Dr. Kushniroff presented a paper at the Allied Academics Conference: "High Quality Leader-Member Exchanges Minimize the Potential for Conflict in Public Accounting Organizations

    Dr. Kushniroff was the winner of the Academy of Educational Leadership Creative and Innovative Teaching Award given at the Allied Academics' 2011 International Conference.

    Dr. Kushniroff was the session Chair at Allied Academics Conference - October 12-15 in Las Vegas, as well as a presenter of a paper at the Illinois Accounting Teachers Conference: "Strategies for Promoting Active Learning in a Principles of Financial Accounting Course" at DePaul University, Chicago, IL on November 4th and 5th.

    Dr. Kushniroff served as a judge for the poster symposium on Day of Scholarship, the Millikin Leadership awards, and the University Rising Star Award this past spring.

    Dr. Kushniroff was also asked to be a textbook reviewer for Cengage Pubications for their new accounting textbooks. Dr. Kushniroff was a member of the Millikin Nyberg team this summer. Dr. Kushniroff accepted the temporary leadership post of DECA advisor while Dr. Susan Kruml is on sabbatical this fall.

    Dr. Carrie Trimble
    The Tabor School of Business would like to take this opportunity to welcome Dr. Carrie Trimble:

    Carrie S. Trimble is an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the Tabor School of Business. She earned a B.S. of Advertising from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1995 and an M.A. of Communication from University of Illinois at Springfield in 1998 before completing her Ph.D. in Mass Media at Michigan State University in 2007.

    Dr. Carrie Trimble, Assistant Professor of Marketing, participated in a panel presentation entitled “Collaboration and Communication in a Small Faculty Department” at the Marketing Management Association’s Fall Educators Conference, September, 2011.  Dr. Trimble also serves on the executive board as the Vice President of Marketing.
    Faculty Collaborations
    Sharon Alpi
    , William “B.J.” Warren, and Laura Ledford presented a panel on Making the “real world” real now, an exploration of student-run ventures on University campuses, at the ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education) 25th Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois on August 11, 2011.

    Prof. Sharon Alpi
    and Dean Jim Dahl continue to serve on a community based organization, Grow Decatur - A Comprehensive, Community-based, Strategic Initiative.  Grow Decatur intends to foster a community-wide vision and plan for the region.

    Dr. Cheryl Chamblin, Professor of Economics
    and Dick Chamblin, Instructor of Accounting and Entrepreneurship were recognized for their professional service to the United States Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs organization at their annual conference.

    Dr. Michael Pettus
    and Dr. Mark Munoz had a paper, Strategically planned entrepreneurial expansion into emerging markets: The case of Argentina, accepted to be presented at the 9th World Congress of the Academy of Global Business Advancement (AGBA) on March 19-21, 2012.

    Dr. Pettus and Dr. Munoz completed a book chapter, The Case of ADM, in Alon, I. & Jaffe, E (eds) Global Marketing Textbook. NY (McGraw-Hill/Irwin).

    Millikin University - Decatur, IL
    Millikin University - Decatur, IL