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Dr. Michael Pettus', Associate Professor of Marketing 2012 MBA students performed very well in their business simulation. Team Andrews finished 3rd overall for ending round ROE, Team Baldwin finished 4th in ending round ROA and 9th in ending round ROS, and Team Digby finished 20th in ending round asset turnover.

The 2013 MBA class also performed extremely well in the simulation. There were six Millikin teams which took part in the simulation.  There were a total of 513 teams competing throughout the nation. The students had an outstanding performance.  At the end of the simulation the followings teams were ranked as follows:

  • Andrews: #10 for round profit,#13 on ROE,#1 on ROS,#4 on ROA and #14 on asset turnover.
  • Baldwin: #14 on cumulative stock price, #2 on ROA, and #1 on asset turnover.
  • Chester: #5 on cumulative stock price, #12 on ROE, and #1 on ROA.
  • Digby: #11 on ROA, and #4 on asset turnover.
  • Erie:#23 on ROE,#14 on ROA, #10 on asset turnover.
  • Ferris: #25 on round profit,#6 on cumulative stock price, #22 on ROS,#8 on    ROA and#21 on asset turnover.


Dr. Tony Liberatore, MBA Director and Grover M. Hermann Chair of Management Development, reported that the Class of 2013 began bootcamp in January 2012. There are 24 members in the new class.

The Millikin MBA program currently has three different classes going at this time. Two of these classes will be graduating in May of 2012, and the third will be graduating in May of 2013. The two graduating classes will be taking a trip in China in May to experience business practices in another culture first hand. Good luck to all of those in the MBA program, and we wish a safe trip to those traveling to China in May.

Dr. Liberatore
and Dr. Mark Munoz and  are currently in China on an immersion trip to a new location - the Shanghai School of Finance and Economics. The trip will take place in May for the 43 students (2 cohorts) of the 2012 class. A special thank is in order for Marianne Taylor, Graduate Program Coordinator, who helped make this trip possible. Visit Shanghai's website here.

Dr. Mark Munoz, Associate Professor of International Management (pictured left)
, and Dr. Tony Liberatore (pictured right), facilitated a successful China consulting project with the MBA 2011 students for Simformotion, an Illinois technology company engaged in software development and simulator manufacturing company.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL