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The Tabor Investment Portfolio (TIP) began in the Spring of 2010 and made its initial investment that May.  TIP is a portfolio of securities managed by students under the guidance and supervision of the indepedent Board of Directors, the Managing Director (Dr. Tatiana Isakovski), and the Dean of the Tabor School of Business.  The initial $100,000 funding for TIP was allocated from funds raised through Project Confirm by Millikin University.

The Tabor Investment Portfolio serves as an educational vehicle with a focus on student-centered learning through performance and professional success.  The TIP learning experience is invorporated into the existing three-semester Finance course sequence.  It provides talented and motivated students with a live laboratory for learning how to invest money and manage risk.  Students analyze securities and apply forecasting techniques and economic models to manage risk and uncertainty in the the financial markets while preserving the investment objectives.  The skills and knowledge the students gain from this experience will last a lifetime, preparing them to be successful money managers in their professional and personal lives.  Participating students will develop superior professional skills, become more confident, feel prepared for professional success, expand their connections within the business community, and become more attractive job candidates.

Millikin finance majors serve as the portfolio managers for TIP.  They are responsible for the investment into and the management of the Portfolio's assets in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement.  Student Managers will maintain and provide written documentation of portfolio valuations and performance as well as investment proposals to the Managing Director and the TIP Board of Directors.  Student Managers are assisted by an Advisory Council that includes business professionals and University faculty. Management of the Portfolio is overseen by the Managing Director (Dr. Tatiana Isakovski), the Dean of Tabor (Dr. Jim Dahl), and the Board of Directors.

The students engaged in the TIP are expected to follow the Code of Ethics and Professionalism and to manage the portfolio in accordance to the Investment Portfolio Statement.  Click on the links below to view these policies.

TIP Investment Guidelines

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL