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At Millikin, we call our general education program the University Studies requirements of the Millikin Program for Student Learning (MPSL). See our MPSL program web site to better understand how we integrate the major and university-wide studies in our curriculum.

The MPSL description is also available as a MPSL download doc file. The University Studies Advisory Committee, composed of faculty leaders of university studies programs and requirements, meets on a regular basis to review and coordinate the delivery of the University Studies courses. See our General Education Advising Help pages. The USAC also coordinates and reviews assessment of student learning outcomes for each university study requirement. See our University Studies Assessment web pages for more details.

Coordinators of The University Studies

  • Dean of Teaching & Learning - Dr. Anne Matthews
  • Director of Academic Development - Josh Hayes
  • Coordinator of University Seminar - Dr. Robert Money
  • Coordinator of First Year Writing - Dr. Peiling Zhao
  • Coordinator of US Studies - Dr. Larry Troy
  • Coordinator of Global Issues - Dr. JoEllen Jacobs
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL