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Dr. Robert Money
Dr. Robert Money 


IN140 First Week 2009

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1-Why College and Introducing Critical Reasoning

2-Ethical Reasoning-Critical Reasoning

3-Critique-Cultural Ethical Relativism

4-Application Case

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University Seminar 2008 Assessment Report

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Ethical Reasoning Workshop
February 5, 2008
4:00-6:00pm @ SH317

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Ethical Reasoning Workshop Power Point

Course Description

IN140 University Seminar is an introduction to academic inquiry at the college level. Seminar topics vary across sections. Each section engages students in critical and ethical reasoning, includes a service learning component, and addresses specific orientation topics.

IN140 University Seminar Learning Goals assert that Students will be able to::

1. use ethical reasoning to analyze and reflect on issues that impact their personal lives as well as their local, national, and/or global communities;
2. reflect on the significance of contributions to community through service learning; and
3. work collaboratively and creatively with diverse others.

Each section of University Seminar centers on a topic and is led by a faculty member dedicated to first-year success.  Each section is also staffed by Orientation Leaders, upper classmen selected by the Office of Student Programs to guide freshmen during their first college year.

Each section of University Seminar is cohorted with a section of Critical Writing, Reading & Researching to create a first-year learning community.  Through University Seminar/CWRR cohorts, faculty have opportunities for collaboration while students have opportunities for shared learning experiences.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL