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1999 Home Page

Associated Colleges of Illinois

  • 1999 News Release
  • 1999 Workshop Descriptions
  • 1999 Workshop Online Registration Form

    Project CROW
  • Social Psychology CROW Page
  • American Literature Surveys CROW Page
  • Introduction to Literary Theory

  • Planning Future Workshops-by Ed Barboni
  • Faculty Training, Development and Support-by Ed Barboni

    Technology and Learning Resource Links:

  • Web Developer's Toolkit
  • The Educator's Toolbox: Resources for Faculty & Technology Education
  • Teaching and Learning on the WWW
  • Assessment Strategies for Informational Technologies
  • The Global Campus Index
  • The World Lecture Hall
  • Institute for Computer Based Learning--in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Dangers of Putting Information on the Web: Fair Use Guidelines and Suggestions
  • John Bohnert's (Elmhurst College) Pages on "Teaching Technology and Learning"
  • Integrating the Internet into the Classroom--for K-12
  • Teaching with Technology Special Initiative--award winners from multiple federal grants
  • Distance Education Clearinghouse
  • Rachel Smith's Internet Workshop Materials

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