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International Student Admission Criteria
International Student Application for Admission to Millikin
You must complete, sign, and return the Application for Admission. Because of the detailed information and the special processing required for a foreign national, all supporting document must be received at least three (3) months prior to the term for which admission is desired.

Academic Records
Your application must be supported by official academic credentials. These include mark sheets, grade reports, or transcripts of all secondary and post-secondary work you completed. In general, you must have a very strong academic background and have adequate preparation for your academic major. All academic records must list each course and grade(s) received. Documents must be original, bearing the official seal of the institution and the signature of the registrar, or designated official, or each photocopy submitted must bear an original certification and original ink signature of the registrar or designated official. If the original academic document is not recorded in English, it must be accompanied by a certified English translation that is a literal and complete interpretation of the original document.

You must submit two (2) letters of recommendation, either in English or with an English translation, with your Application for Admission. One letter should be from your guidance counselor or headmaster and one from a teacher who knows you well. A one-page statement that describes your educational background, plans and objectives at Millikin, and your career goals must be submitted with the Application for Admission.

Certificates of Finances
Certification of your finances must be completed before the Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) is issued. The University is required by immigration authorities to carefully check financial resources of each student prior to issuing Form I-20. Therefore, it is important that you know the costs of attending the University and have the necessary support funds for the entire period of enrollment. A Confidential Financial Statement form must be completed, signed by the sponsor, and must bear an official stamp and signature of the bank official. Before you complete the Confidential Financial Statement, review the estimate of institutional costs and living expenses. The total amount of funds available to the student must be listed for each year. All questions on the financial statement must be accurately answered to avoid unnecessary delay in processing. If you are receiving a scholarship, grant or loan, you must submit a signed copy of the award letter or signed affidavit from an authorized person, indicating degree objective and the amount and duration of the funding.

English proficiency
English proficiency test results are required of all applicants whos native language is not English.
The following three options are available to all international applicants:

  1. Students who are at or above a 550 paper-based TOEFL (79 Internet Based TOEFL) will be directly admitted into degree programs. 
  2. Students who are between 550 and 500 paper-based TOEFL will be evaluated and considered on an individual basis. The Director of the English Language Center will decide on either of the following 2 options:     
    Option A
    - Direct admission to Millikin University and Degree Program.
                Option B- Conditional admission to Millikin University and its English
    Language Center.
  3. Students below a 500 paper-based TOEFL will be conditionally admitted to Millikin University and enrolled in the English Language Center until the English proficiency requirement has been met.


Please make arrangements to take the TOEFL before applying for admission.

For information on the TOEFL, write to:
TOEFL, Educational Testing Service
P.O. CN 6151
Princeton, New Jersey 08541-6151 U.S.A.

Millikin will accept only official TOEFL results sent directly from the TOEFL/TSE Services. Another option is that students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and have the results sent to Millikin (Institutional Code 1470).

Copy of Passport

You must send a copy of your passport to Millikin prior to Admission.


International Student Certification of Finances

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL