Winter 2014-15: A Whole New Animal

Welcome to a whole new animal. Our office calls this publication “DQ” (short for Digital Quarterly), and it is the inaugural issue of an app version of Millikin Quarterly magazine. You can read the issue online, or better yet, download the app for your iPad.

For this interactive publication, you’ll find that we took a different trail that led us away from our traditional magazine fare. Our path for stories led us to the barn, to the zoo, to the studio – all in search of visual stories about creatures that trot, waddle, crawl, fly and more. We’ve got penguins and alligators, donkeys and dogs, and even a pandoctopus and an octocoon.

How did this focus on furry and feathery creatures happen? Well, by happy circumstance, a herd of these types of story possibilities stampeded our office in recent months from among our alumni and campus community. Alida Duff Sullivan ’06, our associate director of communications, loves a good creature feature and thought our readers would, too. So with her skillful guidance in holding the reins, our new DQ hatched and took flight to rest in your hands on your tablet.

Deb Hale Kirchner
Millikin Quarterly Editor
Senior Director of Communications