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John and Michelle Regnern

Tyler Fawbush '13 & Lizzy Kelly '12

Tyler: Rantoul, Ill.
Lizzy: Wheaton, Ill.

Millikin majors:
Tyler: Physical Education, Health Education, Driver Education
Lizzy: Secondary Math Education, Physics Minor

When, where, and how did you first meet at Millikin?
Tyler: It was the night of Feb. 27, 2010, in the basement of an SAE gathering. We locked eyes from across the room and the rest is history. There was another guy trying to flirt with her, so I, of course, had to step in.
Lizzy: February 28; it was the last night that softball players could go out to parties. I was at SAE with my friends. Another guy was hitting on me, and Tyler came in and saved me. He started talking to me and then a mutual friend came up to us and told us how much she liked both of us so I knew I could trust him. We spent the rest of the night dancing and then he walked me home like a gentleman. We’ve talked every day since.

What do you remember about the first time meeting each other?
Tyler: I wanted to make a good impression, so I walked her back to her sorority.
Lizzy: We found out that we had a lot in common: we both played sports at Millikin, we both were in the drumline in high school, and we were both in Greek life at Millikin.

What did you do on your first date?
Tyler: We went to Mi Pueb and then watched “The Office” on the big screen in my dorm (Weck Hall).
Jen: We went to Mi Pueb and then we watched “The Office” at Weck.

Where was your favorite place to hang-out together at Millikin?
Tyler: In the beginning it was at Weck, and then the ATO house and on top of Leighty-Tabor Science Center.
Lizzy: Mi Pueb, the roof of Leighty-Tabor, ATO, AXO.

What is your most memorable Millikin experience as a couple?
Tyler: Our graduations and formal dances.
Lizzy: Going to the ATO formal together for the first time, and being established as an “ATO Girl.” We played mini golf and we made one of those souvenir coins and I accidentally engraved “ATO Foqmal” instead of “ATO Formal.”

Where has your relationship taken you since Millikin?
Tyler: We are now engaged! I moved up north to be with her and to start my career at the same middle school where she started her career.
Lizzy: Since I graduated Millikin, we did the long-distance thing for a year, then he moved up here, and we just got engaged!

What advice would you give young couples in love at Millikin?
Tyler: Do things together. Also, chivalry isn’t dead -- be a gentleman. If she’s mad at you, buy her U-Dogs.
Lizzy: Take advantage of all the outings that Millikin has to offer, because they are like free dates. They help you get to know each other well since they are so unique.


Want to share your story of how you found love at Millikin? Email Jaclyn Weisenborn Cantwell ’09, associate director of alumni engagement, with your expressed interest. One couple will be featured each month in MY Times.


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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL