Millikin University - Decatur, IL
I have experience no greater joy than to finish my next-to-the-last semester as a undergraduate!! This is the moment I have been waiting for... I am standing behind the curtain waiting for my name to be called... just 2 more classes, and this chapter in my life is fulfilled. No matter what I felt going into the PACE program, none of that matters at this moment. I am REJOICING, because I made it!! I am here!! It has taken me 6 years to graduate with a 4yr degree... But nevertheless… It's a Journey not a Race!!
I started reading a book from a well-known Pastor. In this book he tells a story about a hike that he took, and at the beginning of the hike there was a sign that said the hike would take 3 hours. After one hour, he was not convinced he could do 2 more. He happened upon a older gentleman that seen his agony and looked at him and said, "Your closer than you think!!" The Pastor thought that was a nice gesture, but could not get out of his mind the sign that said 3 hours. After about two more turns, and 10 more minutes, he reached his destination.
I shared that story with you because I am in the last 15 min (per say) of my journey as an undergraduate student. I want to encourage you that even after you add up all the credit hours you need, divide them into semesters and multiply them into years, YOU STILL ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!! I have been on this journey for six years, and I am here to tell you, the best of times are in the last stretch... so stop with the mathematic mania, and enjoy because you are closer than you think!!

Last weekend I happened to be in the campus area, and decided to attend the "fireworks". It was much more than fireworks. I seen the traditional students congregating toward the football field, so I parked my car and did the same. Boy was in for a treat. The dance team did a number, cheerleaders a cheer and dance, and the President of Millikin, whom I had never seen or met, introduced the Homecoming King and Queen. It was a fabulous Friday night.
I was unable to be a traditional student when I was younger, but Friday night I fit right in!! Don't think because your not younger, enrolled in traditional classes, or live on campus, that you can't participate in the activities that are offered!! They are extended to Millikin students and that is you!! I left the pep rally feeling a part of a great school, and had a great time!!


As I am preparing to complete a class next week, I told myself sternly, "You are not going to worry!!" I didn't know why I was so specific in my command, but I heard myself loud and clear. As I walked into class the other evening, I was chatting with some classmates that were worried. I said, "I'm not worrying about this class or the finale of it." After the oral quiz was completed the professor eliminated all the worry about the final, and added some time to our final paper deadline... For What???? Sometimes the worrying is only because of the fear of the unknown. We live with that type of fear everyday, so class work and deadlines shouldn't be any different. Worry produces absolutely nothing. Use that energy to accomplish something. Accomplishments will give you something to show for your time... worry doesn't. If you have the choice whether or not to worry, I would suggest don't worry!!

That phrase is new to me, but is becoming more and more relevant in my life as a PACE student. Prior to this semester beginning I was talking with some fellow students about a math class that I was taking the following semester. The reaction of one student scared me, and had me worried about my fate in the class. I began to worry that I was not good enough to continue on if I didn’t pass the math class, and I began to evaluate options if failure was my fate. But my boss has coined the phrase for me " You make your own luck"!! So I did just that for the math class. I studied hard, stayed on the pace that was set for the class by the professor, did my best and I can gladly say, it works. The fate I created for myself in my math class, while also taking another class, was I earned a B. So don't base your actions toward a task, job or class, on someone's reaction to the fate they made for themselves. It is up to you to make your own luck!!


I can't describe to you the feeling I got when I opened an email that instructed me to apply for graduation. It's a feeling unlike any I have ever experienced. I knew the day would eventually get here, but this soon; it has exceeded my anticipation. My expectation is based on attending Richland for my Associates Degree, part time for 4 years, before transferring to Millikin. I have only been at Millikin for 2 semesters, and I am approaching the finish line. GRADUATION!! I have learned that this is a journey and not a race... but in both there are mile markers that let you know your making progress!!



I am changing with the weather. I am changing the way I look at obstacles, the way I organize and prioritize, and the way I accept the ever-changing world we live in. While I am transitioning due to change, I am learning that even when things around you change, you can choose to remain the same. Just because the majority is not changing, doesn't mean you have to stay the same. Change in my scheduling is also happening. I am starting to take some of the classes I struggled with at Richland Community College here at PACE. So my attitude is changing and I believe that I have everything it will take, on the inside of me, to complete my courses next semester, SUCCESSFULLY!!
This is HUMP week in PACE. It's the third week. Usually it means things will start winding down quickly and it's also time to purchase a new book for my next classes. I am excited because my current GPA looks very good!! So as I prepare to do homework this evening, on my patio because the weather is awesome.... I have only two weeks left ( after this week) and I am EXCITED!!

I am so upset with myself. I completed a first assignment in my online class, and it wasn't right. I got a "0" on the assignment. Correct format, nice set up, just not the correct topic!! But, I had to take my moment (cry), give myself a pep talk (encouraging words), and keep going because it was yesterday afternoon when I got this news, but I still had to stay focused because I had a test last night. In PACE there is not much time for total emotional breakdowns... You have to take your moment, but keep going!! I am thankful that I was able to pull it back together. I called my instructor and we discussed what happened. She asked for grapes and I gave her raisins. Only a form of what she wanted was given. Well, lesson learned. But this train is still going full steam ahead!!

I am a single lady who is divorced. It would be insane for me to miss out on an opportunity waiting on someone else to do it. So awhile back I decided to buy myself flowers every Friday. This gives me something to look forward to and makes me smile. I also reward myself when I get good grades. I wrote a paper in my current class, and could not wait to get my grade back. I told myself that if I got an "A or B" I could by myself a book. Well I got an "A" and I get to by my book tonight. Sometimes as hardworking, responsible adults we need something to look forward to.... Treat yourself. Even if it's stealing away for 10 minutes to listen to the birds chirp on a sunny day (free)!! You are worth it!!

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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL