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We have officially started the school year.  The semester began at a leisurely pace.  I had a few weeks to figure out my schedule and begin working, and then suddenly I was super busy!

The Writing Center has been full of students who come for help with their papers.  However, most students like to make it clear that their professor required them to visit us as part of the assignment.  Regardless of the circumstances, we have been working hard at the Writing Center and I love every minute of it.  English Club has also been successful.  We just had our second meeting yesterday; we are already planning new and exciting events for this year.

Besides work and other extra-curricular activities, classes have become extremely time consuming.  I am still taking 18 credits, but the work load is immense.  This week was tightly packed with an American Literature test and essays, an American Politics test, and a speech for my Public Speaking class, along with homework and reading from other classes too.  When you are bogged down by papers, chapters upon chapters of reading, and tests to study for school can feel pretty overwhelming.  However, once you finish the test and conquer the work load the feeling of relief and success is completely worth the effort.

Aside from lack of sleep this week and a few roommate issues, my sophomore year of college is going fairly well. My mom and sister came to visit last weekend for Fall Family Weekend. We went out to dinner, loaded my apartment with food from home, (Thanks Mom! It's already almost all gone) and then we went out to breakfast the next day too.  It was so nice to have my mom and sister here to talk and hang out with.  I am excited to see them again over Fall Break, but for now its time to get back to studying!

The school year is finally coming to a close...
I finished working at the Writing Center last Wednesday, and I am eager to put in more hours next semester.
The English Department had its end of the year picnic on Monday at Fairview park; however, I was unable to attend because I had finals during the scheduled time.

This semester I had more finals than last, on Monday I had my History final and a paper due. Tuesday, fortunately, I had a day off so I was able to study.  I basically lived in the library because my roommate was busy tearing our room apart in an effort to pack her things.  Wednesday I had my Math final at 8 a.m. and my Biology final afterwards. Finally, on Thursday I turned in my CWRR final research paper and semester reflection and completed my Spanish final.
All of my finals went smoothly, but I am glad to have a break.  Now I must face the challenge of packing up my room.  I have one more night at school, and I am very anxious and excited to go home!

I hope everyone has a great summer!


It is finally April, and we only have 32 days (including weekends) left of school.  I am eager for summer and to be home again, but it will be strange not to have school work to keep up with constantly.

Tomorrow is Advising Day, so no one has classes.  I finished picking out classes I am interested in for next year.  I have decided to minor in Spanish instead of just getting an endorsement.  I am hoping this will be beneficial when I am looking for a job after graduation.  I am also planning on earning a Middle School endorsement, which should helpful in the future too.

Working at the Writing Center is going very well.  I had the opportunity to tutor a few ESL  (English as a Second Language) students, as well as a few traditional students.  English Club has an end of the year picnic coming up that we help the English department with, hopefully the weather will stay nice.

I have some more assignments to complete for this semester, but before we know it finals will be here!


Spring Break is two weeks away and there is so much left to do.  I have two ten-page papers that I have been working on, one is for my History class and the other is for Biology.  We also have mid-terms coming up on Thursday. Not all classes or professors require mid-terms/finals, but most have some sort of assignment or project if they do no have a test planned.

English Club has an event coming up this weekend. The six of us have been planning it over the past few weeks, and I am hoping we will have a decent turn out.
I had my very first tutoring session at the Writing Center last Wednesday, and I am pleased to say that it went very well. I was a little bit nervous when the student arrived because I had never tutored anyone formally or alone before.  However, we both introduced ourselves and got started on his paper, after a few minutes I felt completely comfortable.  

Finally, last Thursday I attended the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society meeting and signed up to join.  Students with a 3.5 GPA and above during their first term of college are eligible.  As a group, they participate in a service learning project in the spring, and formally initiate everyone during a ceremony in April.  I am glad I have the opportunity to become part of this group, not to mention a nice addition to my resume.

Last week we got snow!! As a Freshman, I have never been at Millikin or visited while it was snowing.  I love how beautiful everything looks when it is covered in snow, and the cold makes me really appreciate the small size of our campus.  In honor of Valentine's Day, the cafeteria had a chocolate fondue fountain that was delicious and all the students seemed to love. English Club had a meeting last Tuesday, and we have begun planning activities for the spring semester.  As Secretary, I am interested to see how our plans work out.

Tomorrow in my CWRR II class we have a potential candidate for a position as an English professor visiting and speaking to our class.  I am excited to meet him and hear what he has to say.  It will be interesting to find out what I have yet to encounter throughout my journey in becoming an English professor as well.

I went home this weekend and indulged in many home- cooked meals, sleeping in my own bed, and simply returning to the familiarity of being home, but I am ready for a new week to begin.

Until next time.
The past few weeks at Millikin have certainly been busy and full of activities.  I have attended all of my classes, my CWRR II class (an introductory freshman class about critical writing, reading, and research) is interesting and thought provoking.  My professor is very good at relating to all the different types of students in the class, he is easy to talk to, and an entertaining speaker.  My History professor wears a bow-tie everyday, and my Spanish 223 professor insists that we only speak Spanish while we are in her class.  I also have completed my first Human Biology lab, and every Thursday I attend my Tutoring class, which has a total of 4 students.  I have recently gotten a job at the University Writing Center.  I am very excited about it and look forward to working with other students each week.  Everyone there is extremely nice and helpful.  A few girls have already shown me the basics and allowed me to observe while they tutor.  I hope I can be just as successful when I start next week!
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL