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I have been strongly advised by Mr. Brian and Mr. Trevor over at the Marketing Department to blog so here you go guys!

This has been a very long week for me even though we had Monday off. I have been going every day from class to work at the Marketing Dep., to then working as a Spanish facilitator, and then to finally being able to go home around 7 or 8 pm. That is if I do not have a meeting to go to or an event to attend. The thing about all of this is that I actually like staying busy. Millikin has offered me a lot of opportunities to become involved on campus and to stay busy. Everything that I am involved in is what makes me look forward to going back to MU each summer.... They are also the things that I know I will miss when I graduate. I still have two more years until graduation but looking back at the two years that have already gone by, I do not doubt that these two years ahead of me will also go by super quick. MU has truly become my "home away from home."

I'm looking forward to this weekend... I have a couple of things planned out but I must say that what I am the most excited about is the retreat I will be attending. My sorority (Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc., Iota Delta Chapter) will be hosting our Midwest Region retreat here on MU's campus. This means that there will be about an extra 50 Gammas on campus this Saturday which equals lots of fun..... or at least for me it does even if all we will be doing is taking care of business. Sunday should be a very chill day; it's the day my sorority has study tables (7-10pm, LIB 23) and also the day in which I catch up on all of the readings I did not complete/put aside :).

This will officially be my third blog ever, so I will try to make it a good one.

This summer has not felt like a typical summer for me; I feel as if I have been away from home longer than ever. I was in Mexico for a whole month and I just came back from San Antonio, Texas almost a week ago.

Mexico was a lot of fun. I got to meet most of my uncles, from my dad's side, for the first time ever since I left Mexico at the age of 18 months. My father no longer lives and I never really spent time with him when he was alive (I met him for the first time ever when I was 8 years old and never again saw him since he lived in Mexico) so when I met one of my uncles who looked a lot like him I couldn't help but choke-up a little. I learned so much about my "Alva" side and that just made the trip worth more than words can explain.

San Antonio, well that was a business trip (as I like to call it). My sorority (Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.) had its convention there this year and I went as a delegate for my colony. My sister, Chrissy, and I had to go to these long business meetings and sit for a couple of hours. It was tiring but nonetheless, it was a really fun trip. We ended up driving to San Antonio and that just made the trip even more exhausting. We met a bunch of other sisters from all over the country along with a lot of Beta brothers (Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.) who also had their convention at the same hotel. It was a real fun trip at the end of it all and I am really happy I went.

I am now less than a month away from going back to MU; my summer vacation is coming to an end but I'm honestly not sad about it. I have so much to do this year; taking 19 credits while trying to bring my GPA up, work-study at the wonderful Marketing Department with M, sorority stuff, and possibly an off-campus job are all on my to-do list and I am ready to take on it all.
So it is almost the weekend I cannot wait to go home (Chicago) for Spring Break. It has been a few months now since I went home and I am just so excited to leave and eat some real good homemade Mexican food (how I miss it!). I am also very excited to see my little nephew who I dearly miss and my lovely mom as well. Hopefully my car can get fixed during break too. It's working fine now but it seems to be leaking engine coolant from the engine. Something inside the engine is broken so they are going to have to remove the whole engine and replace the thing (whatever it is). I was told the name of it but I do not know much about cars so I'm not even going to attempt naming the "thing". The weather right now is great so hopefully it stays that way!!! Sweet home Chicago.... Here I come!
Today seems to be a wonderful day. The sun is shinning and the sky is Millikin Blue. I woke up in a pretty decent mood and as the day is progressing, I seem to be getting in an even better mood. I am excited for the rest of the day given that it is Open Mic Night (my sorority, Sigma Lambda Gamma, is sponsoring it) and there will also be a Soul Train party that I will be attending with my lovely sisters. It also happens to be my sister Lauren's birthday (Happy B-Day!) and tomorrow will be my line sister Britteny's birthday (Happy early B-Day love!) too. Four of us happen to have birthdays in February and the funnier thing about that is that our birthdays are back to back! Weird in a way but cool =). I cannot wait to hangout with my Gamma sisters later tonight and for the rest of the weekend....
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL