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In unfortunate events, the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity house at ISU burned down last night. To support our fellow brothers the men of Delta Sigma Phi here at Millikin will holding a podium stand in the arrival court from 4pm today to 4pm tomorrow to raise money for our fellow brothers. Please come out and support us. Donations are welcomed.

School has been very interesting so far to say the least. I have been very busy with everything that is going on. Classes are a lot harder than last year, which is good. Freshmen classes were just too easy, I like being challenged. I had 4 tests last and a project, talk about a full week. Since I have some more free time now I thought I would take some time out of work.... shh!! Don't tell anyone, to actually write a blog post.

Oh so my MacBook started going out again.... for the same issue they said they have fixed, not once, but twice. So what does someone like me do.... drum roll!! I emailed Steve Jobs, and what does Steve Jobs do when he gets an email from someone like me, he has one of his VPs call me. This isn't a joke. I sent him an email Sunday and last night (Monday night), I got a call from an Apple VP telling me Steve asked him to call me. They said they are going to get everything fixed up for me.... about time; at least Steve took the time to listen.

So after 5 everyday it seems that I have so many meetings that I can never get to homework till like ten.... I don't know what it is. I am really looking forward to tonight. No meetings really after 5pm!! I have a lot of reading to do Marketing, Management, and Accounting. I should probably add Finance in there in case, Tatiana is reading this. I promise I do look at Finance, just need to focus on the other three tonight. Work is going great, took a lot of time off last week to focus on all of my tests, which was nice. This week I am just working finishing all of the blog up dates, and working on the mobile site ( Brian still harasses me as usual, he always seems to find some way to pick on me, and if it isn't for my award winning design skills then it usually is for my hair. Also Curtis is leaving; he got a new job in Utah, which means we are currently searching for a new webmaster (a.k.a. my boss). My work schedule will remain the same regardless.

Delta Sigma Phi is awesome, I love all my brothers. YITBOS. From informal recruitment we got 6 amazing new members. Another interesting fact I changed one of my majors... I know it’s hard to keep track but as of now, I am going to do international business, finance, and management. Originally I was going to do international business, finance, and accounting however after taking accounting this summer I got very tired and annoyed with.... I am currently in intermediate accounting right now. Let me tell you that it is my least favorite class. Dr. Mindy is awesome, I am just burnt out on the subject, that’s what happens when you spend 2 hours a day in class and then go home and spend 4 hours on homework for the class, for 4 weeks. This summer definitely was not the most fun summer I have ever had.

In the future I will do my best to start blogging more often. Also if you’re reading this and you didn't know, it's HOMECOMING WEEK!!!
From my summer immersion!!!
I am not sure really where to start, some things have happened and many things need to happen before I go back to school. This summer is already gone... and it seems like it just started. I am not complaining though because I can't wait to get back to West to live with all of brothers of ΔΣΦ. I already know that next year is going to be so much better than last year. Getting back and seeing all of my friends will be great. My summer has not been the typical fun summer.... really there are only four things I do in my day anymore, work, school, eat, and sleep. I am not complaining though because I know what I was getting myself into when I registered for 18 hours of summer school. In the big scheme of things, it's less hours than I have ever taken. But I believe that next semester, while it will be challenging, will be a relief since I am only taking 16 hours. My summer started out with a microeconomics class, which started a day after my last exam. But I did get the opportunity to take an immersion class through Millikin that went to Paris!! When I got back, I started an art class and microeconomics, which I was (technically) one week late starting due to my international endeavor. It made for a really long night when I got back home, jet lagged, having to read four chapters of art and doing homework. My summer really didn’t get hectic till two weeks ago when I started business law and managerial accounting.... I am in class 5.5 hours day. I really can't wait for these classes to be done-while they interesting, I am getting very tired of being in class all day or doing homework for the classes. In the midst of all of this I have been working on Millikin's website. My boss made me a very generous offer of being able to work from home (Texas) on the school's website. My boss will be reading this blog post too.... Work has kept me busy though, we had two big projects for the summer, move theKirkland siteand theAthletics site. The Kirkland site is finished, the Athletics site is a work in progress. I hope I can get it done before school starts, that would be really nice. But we will see. I should have a lot more time to work when I am done with all of my summer school classes. I am actually going back up Decatur next weekend (July 30th) to move my stuff into West. I would wait to come back the 12th, however my business law teacher at the community college down here in Texas decided it wasn’t going to be the "self-paced" course I signed up for. It’s going to be a standard class, which ends the 12th. This is problem since it takes me 12 hours to drive to Millikin from Dallas. I have to be back the morning of the 13 for Edge training. So I am driving up next weekend to move my stuff in, then flying out of STL (St. Louis airport code) to Dallas. Then back, on the night of 12th after my class. I have no problem with this class changing, I just wish the professor would understand the implications this change has on her students. But it really doesn’t matter because it will be nice to come back to Decatur and see everyone. I will try to start blogging more, I know I kind of fell off the map, but I have seriously been that busy.... Oh with regards to my last post "VOTE", I won the Tabor School of Business Senate Position! I will definitely post again once I get back on campus.
Well I am not going to be an RA next year.... Now starts my frantic battle to find where I am going to live next year. I banked everything on the RA position, but it didn’t happen. I am trying to see if I can live with the Delta Sigs in West but I am not sure if I can get the last spot. Many people have asked whether I feel let down or not, I secretly lie and say no. But I really am. I feel that I could have brought a lot to the ResLife program but I guess others differed in this idea. Hopefully I can find somewhere I want to live next year.
Well I haven't really posted anything in long time. What’s odd though is it doesn't seem like it has been as long as it’s been. I have been so busy with classes, work, and my Kemper Scholarship Application as well as my RA application. I actually find out tomorrow whether or not I will be an RA here at Millikin next year. I really hope that I get the opportunity to do this because I would really like the opportunity to learn and teach and help Millikin Students. Classes are going well though I feel that I am now able to slow down a little with a lot of things coming to a close. But I don't think that it will be a short break, new things will most surely pop up. Work has been good as well; I actually just started making online video tutorials on how to use SharePoint. Delta Sigma Phi is great; however I just cannot wait to be initiated. Well I will defiantly post tomorrow and let everyone know whether or not I am going to be an RA next year...
Well today was a different kind of day working. I came into the office and everything was a huge mess! Michael and Brian (graphic designers that work in the office) decided that they needed to reorganize the office. What an experience trying to give Brian enough room and trying to appease Michael's scrupulous interior design eye. In the end it only took everyone 2.5 hours to get everything back to a working condition. It was fun though. I got to voice my opinion on how I thought things would work out best. After we were all finished with that, we decided to go to a local Mexican Restaurant, Mi Pueblito. Everyone thinks it such great Mexican food, but I beg to differ. I live in Texas with Tex-Mex, and I think that their many other great places to get Mexican food.
Well I pledged Delta Sigma Phi this weekend, which was one of the best decisions of my life. I have been having a great time will all the guys. It's kind of hard imagining not being part of the fraternity. So far it seems like I fit in so well with the guys. I am glad that this previous week is over though. I had a great time going through recruitment, but it was a busy week. Now I am just looking ahead at all things that I am going to get to do.

You know how weekends are supposed to be the time you catch up on sleep... that definitely didn't happen this weekend. I am more tired after the weekend than before. But I can't complain! I had the time of my life this weekend.

School is going well. I think I might have a Spanish test this week, but who knows? I actually think that it's one of my easiest classes. No class this semester is really that hard, but Accounting just requires a lot of time and effort to try learn of the basic accounting principles and rules. Mostly I just need to spend more time with it. But after today I feel like I actually know more about accounting than I thought. I guess I am actually learning; I was a little worried about that last week.

Well I went out into the the blizzard to get Steak and Shake and Taco Bell as well my girlfriend Jessica. I am not a huge fan of the Bell after I got food poisoning and had to go to the hospital after eating there. Walking back to the dorms I completely wiped out!

This week has started off quite nicely. Since I have gotten everything so organized, I am definitely going to be able to post more often.

P.S. CWRR (Critical Writing Reading Research) was cancelled due to the weather conditions!!!
Well, first off the intramural soccer season ended with a disappointing loss, and I may now have to consider working out to stay in shape. I am going to miss playing soccer with all of my friends twice a week. What a blast that was while it lasted! What I think made even better was the fact that we had four French players on our team, and it was fascinating to play with guys from another culture. Second of all, my business plan "The Millikin Exchange," lost to Sandstorm and Blend which I completely disagree with! I still really believe that my project was the best one. What is especially frustrating is the way many people came up to me and told me that we had the best presentation, but we still didn't win. On the bright side, I will be having a lot more free time as result of having not to worry about the business presentation and so, I hope to blog more than I have in the past.

This next week should be one of the best weeks ever as a result of recruitment starting sunday. I can't wait to be part of a fraternity. I am actually very interested in one fraternity, but I won't say which one. If you know me, then you will know which chapter I am talking about. It should be tons of fun becoming better friends, if not brothers, with some of my closest friends here at Millikin.

Classes haven't been too bad, but it seems like this semester will require a quite a bit of diligence. I think I’ll be able to handle it, though, which is good. However, I am not so sure about my accounting class. Don't get me wrong I love the class, but I am not sure if my learning style is compatible with my teacher’s teaching style. But I think that once we have had a couple weeks of class we will be to adjust so that I can have a better learning environment. Thats what is so nice about going to a small school, you can get to know all of your professors and they can help and adjust so that you can learn better and they truly want you to do well.

Work has also been good, but pretty busy. Curtis keeps me very busy because there is always something to fix on the school’s website. I think that this job may be the one of the best I have ever had. I love being able listen to music while I work if I want to. It’s been really nice to work with a lot of other people to try to get a common goal accomplished. What is also very cool is being able to see what your work has done. For example, I created everything in theMillikin Student Blogs Website. Unlike other jobs, where there isn't always a measurable way of seeing what you have done. It’s also really nice to do something for the other members of student body. I am giving students the freedom to express their opinion to everyone!

I have a confession, though. I must give credit toMillikin According to Melissa to coming up with my name, "Texas Trevor Talks Tabor." I really like my blog name- alliteration is great! It shows my Texas prowess.

Oh, one last thing, I am moving out of the New Hall 4, Business Learning Community. Hopefully, I can move into New Hall 3 with my old RA Brett Urlaub. Brett was moved out NH4, due to reorganization of RAs. I am still embittered by this reorganization and the loss of my good friend and RA. It will be great if I can move onto his new floor, but until then, I have become an unofficial member since I spend so much time there.

My Friday night is being spent going out and seeing friends and listening to favorite artist Jack Johnson.

I will try to post again this weekend, if I don't get too busy. Have a great, safe weekend!
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Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL