Trombone Warm UpMillikin LOW BRASS students come from all over Illinois to major in music or other non-music studies.

  • Dakari Bass, '19: Music education major from Markum, Illinois. Dakari also plays flute and cello.
  • Donna Bull, '18: Music education major from Bloomingdale, Illinois. Donna is also an alto and sings in the Collegiate Chorale.
  • Jordan Comish, 19: Jordan is a tuba nd vocal major. He sings with the Millikin Men and plays tuba in Wind Ensemble. Jordan is also pursuing a second degree in chemistry.
  • Griffin Etichison, '19: Griffin Etchison is a Commercial Music Major from Champaign, Illinois. While trombone is his main instrument he also dabbles in guitar, bass, mandolin, and tuba.
  • John Robinson, '18: Performance major from Bloomington, Illinois. John recently won the Millikin Decatur Symphony Concerto Competition and will be performing the David Concertino at Kirkland Fine Arts Center on February 6, 2016.
  • Ryan Wood, '18: Music education major from Lisle, Illinois. Ryan majors in the euphonium, but also plays trombone in the Trombone Ensemble and Jazz Band.
  • Joey Wachtel, '19: Music business music major from Champaign, Illinois

Featuring our new freshmen - Welcome to Millikin! Kyle McArdell, Teressa Naples and Matthew Polett. Pictures and other information coming soon!

Photo is from Low Brass warm-up on Thursdays at 7:30 a.m.