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Faculty - let the Career Center help enhance your course by getting career-related information into the classroom. Click on Classroom Presentations for a listing of presentations currently available. Additionally, we offer resources to assist you in integrating service learning into the curriculum.

Staff – many of our presentations are available for staff development purposes. In particular the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is very useful in team development, organizational change, and enhancing communication. Contact Pam Folger, Director, if you are interested in a presentation for your office/department.

Grab and Go - Career Curriculum Resources

Self-Discovery & Career Exploration

Values Sort - Personal values can make a big impact on when in comes to making decisions of both a personal and professional nature.  This values sort activity provides the opportunity for students to consider and rank what values are most important to them. 

Lifeline Assessment - This activity allows students to explore and reflect on significant events in their lives and make connections to their impacts of these events on their personal and professional development. 

As Seen on TV - This activity can help to launch a fruitful discussion regarding how careers are portrayed on television vs. real life. Examining television portrayals in comparison to the detailed occupation descriptions provided through O*Net Online, students can delve deeper into their own career exploration while thinking critically about the current media landscape.To assign as a take home assignment use this worksheet.  To use as an in class activity adapt this PowerPoint Presentation and use this worksheet.

*Also, keep in mind a great follow-up to the activities listed in this section can be for students to take the personality, values, and interest assessments on Type Focus and connect with the Career Center for an individual appointment to discuss the results. Contact the Career Center for Type Focus account creation information.

Networking & Professionalism

LinkedIn Resources for Students - This link connects you to a variety of resources you can share with your students including information on how to build a great profile to using more advanced searching techniques.

What is Your Online Identity?!
- Have your students use this handout to assist in exploring and evaluating their current online identity. 

JobSTART 101 - This interactive workbook has reproducible content that can be used by educators and videos that help provide insight into how students can build their brand, adopt professional behaviors, and more.

Career Development Plan

A career development plan can help students in career exploration and developing career goals.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL