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International Fellows Program

The International Fellows Program offers an opportunity for students with financial need to study abroad during their sophomore, junior, or senior year.  Each spring and fall, students will be informed that they may submit a proposal outlining their intent to travel, the desired location, and course of study.  A selection committee consisting of faculty and administrative staff will be designated annually by the Millikin University Center for International Education. This committee will also include a member of the Alumni and Development Office and is called the International Fellows Committee.  Information will be obtained from the Financial Aid office to determine the student’s financial need, based upon the student’s annual EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) filing.

Scholarship Awards:

Ø  Typically up to $2,500, as recommended by the International Fellowship Committee

Ø  May be used for all study abroad programs sponsored by Millikin University or various consortia to which the university belongs.


Scholarship Eligibility:

Ø  The program is open to all full-time, traditional undergraduate students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Ø  Students should have a Millikin University grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.

Ø  Students must submit a proposal outlining their intent to travel (study abroad packet obtained from the CIE), the desired location and course of study to the Center for International Education by the designated deadline each semester.

Ø  You must have filed a FAFSA


Scholarship Application Requirements:

Ø  A completed and signed International Fellowship Application and required documents

o   Incomplete applications will be discarded.

Ø  Unofficial  Millikin Transcript

Ø  Resume

Ø  Two letters of recommendation specifically written for the International Fellows Program

Ø  A personal statement response to the provided prompt (one to two pages, typed and double-spaced)

Ø  Estimated budget of program

Ø  Students will submit a final report to the International Fellowship committee within two months of their return to Millikin University. 

Ø  Students will be required to give a presentation to the community during Millikin’s September International Month.

Ø  It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit a complete application packet that includes all of the above required components.

Ø  Application must be typed.  Hand written applications will not be accepted.


Fellowship Submission Deadlines:

Ø  March 8 (for summer immersions and fall semester abroad)

Ø  October 15 (for winter immersions and spring semester abroad)

Bruce and Kay Nims International Fellows Program
Bruce and Kay Nims are members of the Millikin class of 1972 and 1973, respectively. Through their family foundation, they have established the Nims Foundation International Fellows program in accordance with their goal of supporting education, youth, and international/ cultural projects. Bruce Nims is the retired Chairman of the board of Nims Associates, Inc., a computer consulting firm, and a Millikin Trustee Emeritus. He serves as Millikin University’s Entrepreneur- in- residence.

Marie Folrath McDermott International Fellows Program
Marie Folrath McDermott was a member of the Millikin class of 1940.  She was a long time resident of Decatur and enjoyed participating in events on campus.  She especially enjoyed auditing classes at Millikin.  She had fond recollections of classes and travel trips with the late Professor Graham Provan.  Her love of travel and learning led to her daughter providing memorial funds to establish travel fellowships.

Dougles E. Zemke International Fellows Program
Funds for this fellowship were established by the Trustees of Millikin University in 2010 with the invitation to alumni and friends to support a fund recognizing the retirement of Millikin's 13th president, Douglas E. Zemke, class of 1966.

Dahl Scholarship for International Study
To be awarded to undergraduate student(s) in the Tabor School of Business or School of Nursing in support of study abroad programs outside of North America.  Funds may be used for study abroad during fall/spring or immersion terms.

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL