Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Alpha Lambda Delta Outstanding Teacher Award
Each spring, Alpha Lambda Delta, the Freshman-Sophomore Scholastic Honorary, names a faculty member as an outstanding contributor to freshman learning. The faculty member is chosen on the basis of the ability to teach, knowledge of subject area, ability to present material in a clear and understandable fashion, ability to motivate students to self-discovery in learning, and for the care and concern shown to students in and out of the classroom. The focus is on teachers who teach several classes at the freshman level.

The current Alpha Lambda Delta active members nominate candidates and participate in the preliminary voting. A special committee of Alpha Lambda Delta makes the final selection.

The Outstanding Teacher is honored by having his or her name placed on a plaque displayed in the faculty lounge, receives a gift from Alpha Lambda Delta, and receives an Honorary Membership into the Scholastic Society. The Outstanding Teacher also addresses the next year's new initiates during their initiation ceremony.

Faculty who have been chosen for the Alpha Lambda Delta Teacher of the Year Award include:

2009 Judith Crowe
2008 Carmella Briniger
2007 Tina Nicholson
2006 Michael O'Conner
2005 Paul Haspel
2004 Nancy DeJoy
2003 Linda Schinke-Llano
2002 Bonnie Guzenhauser
2001 Robert Money
2000 Eligie Wilson
1999 Millie Boaz
1998 JoEllen Jacobs
1997 Annette Russo
1996 Marianne Robertson
1995 Denise Myers
1994 Clarence Josefson
1993 Ron Shelton
1992 Thersa Shepherd
1991 Brian Mihm
1990 James Rauff
1989 Daniel Guillory
1988 Phillip Tinch
1987 Cheryl Chamblin
Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL