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Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements for Financial Aid
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In order to be eligible for Federal, State and Institutional aid, a student must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward his/her degree. There are 3 components that a student is evaluated on and must meet:

1. Minimum Grade Point Average

2. Minimum Hours Earned

3. Maximum Time Frame


Minimum Grade Point Average

A student must maintain an overall GPA according to the schedule listed below in order to remain eligible for financial aid. Individual colleges and some financial aid programs may have higher standards. In those cases, the college or program standards will

supersede university requirements.


Minimum GPA schedule:

After 2 semesters - 1.5

After 4 semesters - 1.8

After 6 semesters - 2.0


Minimum Hours Earned

To be considered making adequate progress toward a degree, a student must complete 67% of the hours he/she attempts each term. For students in the Traditional Programs, all hours on file with the Registrar’s Office by the “Last Day to Add a Class” deadline for

the term, will be included in the evaluation. For students in the PACE or Graduate Programs, all hours on file with the Registrar’s Office according to the respective refund/withdraw schedules will be included in the evaluation. Hours completed with a passing letter grade or grade of P will be considered as hours earned. Hours attempted will include the above, as well as, the following grades: F, XF, W, I.


Maximum Time Frame

Eligibility for financial aid is limited to total attempted hours which cannot exceed 150% of the credit hours required to achieve a first undergraduate degree. The majority of programs require 124 hours for graduation, therefore, 124 X 1.5 = 186 attempted hours

allowed for financial aid eligibility. Every semester in which you are enrolled in school will be counted, even semesters when you do not receive financial aid. Transfer hours from other institutions accepted by the university will count toward the maximum credit hour limit. For graduate programs, hours required for graduation will vary. Refer to individual program curriculum.


Evaluation Schedule

The evaluation will occur at the end of every term. You will be notified, if you fail to achieve the required minimum GPA and/or you have not completed 67% of the hours attempted. You will be placed on financial aid warning for one term. In the event that you are nearing the time limit for your degree, you will be notified when you have accumulated 125% of your allowable attempted hours.


Financial Aid Warning:

If you are placed on Warning, you will continue to receive financial aid. However, you will be evaluated at the conclusion of the next semester. Warning status requirements are to complete 75% of the hours attempted for the term and complete the term with a 2.25 GPA or bring your cumulative GPA in line with the Minimum GPA Schedule to retain your eligibility for subsequent semesters. Upon evaluation, if you have met the above requirements, you will be removed from warning status. If you do not meet either

requirement, your financial aid eligibility will be canceled.


Cancel Status

If you do not meet the minimum requirement, you will not be eligible for financial aid. You do have the option of enrolling at your own expense. You also have the option to submit an SAP appeal to regain eligibility.


Appeal Process:

If your financial aid eligibility has been canceled and you feel you have extenuating circumstances that warrant an individual review, you may submit a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal. Extenuating circumstances may include: medical issues for yourself or family member, death of a family member or other mitigating circumstance. Documentation supporting the situation is required (i.e. proof of doctor visits, obituary). You will have the option of attending/enrolling in classes while the appeal is under review, however, financial aid will not be released unless the appeal is approved. If the appeal is denied you are responsible for any balance owed to the university. Appeals will be reviewed by the SAP committee and notification of the decision will be issued in writing. Your appeal must be a written document that includes:


1. Why you failed to make Satisfactory Academic Progress; cite specific reasons

2. What elements have changed or what steps have you taken that will allow you to   

    rectify the situation and enable you to make progress by the next evaluation

3. The appeal must be received by the committee:

     For fall term, first week of August

     For spring term, first week of January

     For summer term, second week of May

Millikin University - Decatur, IL
Millikin University - Decatur, IL